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Run: The Track! (Starter Workout)

We took our usual Tuesday night lululemon Georgetown crew on a different adventure this week; they obliged. Conveniently one mile away from our starting point rests an under-the-radar track, just waiting for us! It may not be lit up at night, but soon enough our friend DST will jump in and fix that.

I haven’t run ovals around a track in…um…a really long time. The last I remember actually being there was during my 2011 MCM training. Oops. Luckily Coach Melani had this workout in mind, which is perfect for track-workout newbies and those of us who have gotten unreasonably lazy with speed-work. It’s not too much or too difficult, but if you pace yourself to have a little bit of juice left, that last 200m interval is perfect for a real all-out sprint.

georgetown track workout

Original photo credit: Athletic Minded Traveler.

The Starter’s Workout:

Plyometric warm-ups & stretching (knee-highs, butt-kicks, etc.)
200m | 400m | 800m | 400m | 200m
Run 200m rests in-between (no total rest or walking).

Her suggestion was to run this at level 3 – 3.5, on a scale of 1 – 5.
(“1” being conversational and easy, “5” being Don’t say a word to me I can barely breathe!)

The result:

Nicely jello’d legs that are learning how to move quickly again! It’s a good burn.


What’s your track workout of choice? I liked this one because it kept my mind entertained, vs. the usual 800, 800, 800, 800, etc. It also seemed much more manageable – thanks to the variety – against some that I’ve done in the past. Win, win!


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