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To the Land of Lobstah

In the first of two end-of-summer hurrahs, this weekend will take me to the northernmost tip of New England. All of the following boxes will be checked:

  • Eat fresh lobster. Every day.
  • Visit a new (to us) National Park.
  • Hike Cadillac Mountain for a sunrise view.
  • Take a picture with the most-photographed Lighthouse in the country.
  • Eat some more lobster.
  • Dine on a farm. Or, just stand in the field, for good measure.
  • Run on trails and with ocean-views.
  • Try a lobster dessert, because this is probably the safest place to do so.

where i've never been

And of course, add to the list of places I have been, when it’s all said and done.


Any recommendations for Portland and/or Bar Harbor, MAINE? There’s already a long list, but more ideas are always welcomed!


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Active in DC: Bootcamp, Yoga & {Jingle} Racing

According to the American Fitness Index, the 2012 ranking of “fittest cities” put us Washingtonians at #2! Minneapolis inched us out of the top spot this year, but we’re doing our part to regain the crown. If you find yourself in the District on any given day – sunny, raining, post-hurricane or post-snow-pocalypse – you will see us out there. We run, ride, walk, hike, stretch, lift, dance, crossfit and/or take the stairs (<– only in the daylight…)!

A few of those activity options combined over the weekend to leave me slow-movin’ and full of lactic acid today. We kicked things off with a free bootcamp class, courtesy of Jaime Andrews Fitness & lululemon Logan Circle. This month you’ll find Jaime teaching complementary lululemon community classes each Saturday at 9am – all levels welcome!

Jaime Andrews Fitness info

But, you’ve been warned…

We took the workout outside since it was pretty warm (50+) and pretty crowded! Our group of 20 walked the block down to Thomas Circle where we warmed up with this:

Stretch! Arm circles, active stretching (not static), etc.
30 mountain-climbers + 5 burpees  –  5 sets

Then we hopped over to the stairs. If you’re in Thomas Circle in the morning, evenings and/or on the weekends, you will see these stairs putting people to work!

National City church stairsBlack & blue lululemon

Our workout included everything from squats, lunges & leg-lifts to 10+ minutes (total) of stair-running, jumping and squatting. We ran one loop around the block and even had a dose of Tabata.

An hour later Kate & I slowly walked to Dupont for coffee and an hour of downtime before our next agenda item: stretching it all out.

Studio DC: Level 1 Yoga @ 12pm – taught by none other than one of my favorite DC yogis/trainers, Johanna.

Those “easy” poses feel anything but when your muscles are fresh off of a boot-camp workout, but the stretching and savasana were much needed.


Sunday morning marked the last race in this gal’s 2012 season, coincidentally finishing right where things started. Another 8K, another morning on Freedom Plaza with thousands of running friends. DC gives us plenty of opportunities to toe a starting line – the challenge is picking & choosing (read: budgeting)!

jingle 8k start line

The annual Jingle All the Way 8K (Pacer’s event) brings out the best of the best in holiday costumes! We saw Santas, pink rabbits (?), elves, bells and gingerbread men. Our running attire wasn’t quite up to par, but we’re working on that (please note Danny’s skirt & Emmie’s festive headband).

jingle 8k 1jingle 8k gals

Clearly our intention was not to rest up and run this on fresh legs (see above), but it was to have an excuse to run downtown and put jingle bells on our shoes and brunch.

jingle 8k shoesjingle all the way 8K 2012

Mission: accomplished. We lucked out with no rain and a warm December morning to round out the season. Huge thanks to Pacer’s for the well-run event & holiday spirit!


How are you active in your city?


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Run for Shelter 10K: Run for One More (2012) PR

A few months ago the team working with the Run for Shelter 10K got in touch to see if I could promote the event. Yes, of course! I’m happy to spread the word about local DC/VA/MD races – there’s never a shortage of options, and with all the huge ones around here it’s easy to forget that the smaller charmers still happen.

This was definitely a small and charming event. They wooed us with indoor facilities, free parking, simple logistics, a flat course and a great cause.

Run for Shelter 10K banner

RunforShelter10K collage

We arrived around 7am, with more than enough time to park (for free!), grab our packets, check our bags and sit comfortably inside while we waited for the race to start….

Run for Shelter tweet

100 points to these race planners! We’re still scarred from the infamous (freezing) Hot Chocolate experience.

It wasn’t until 7:55 am that all of the runners finally started stepping outside to line-up for the 8am start. “5K people on the left, 10K on the right!” And, GO!

Run for Shelter 10k course

I had initially wanted to run this for a PR because the 10K & I haven’t really rallied since 2009 (MCM style!). Then reality reminded me that the month of running after a goal-race marathon isn’t often your speediest, and then we went to a concert Friday night and then the 5:50am wake-up call just felt so early.

Race-day plan: finish 6.2 miles without making it feel like 26.2. Enjoy the perfect race-day conditions (40-50* and sunny!) and have fun.

Race course: out and back, with one significant incline (up, over and down a ramp) that we hit at the beginning and then again right before the end.

Race-day running: the only trick I have yet to figure out in this running-garmin-free world is how to pace the first mile. From there I can tune in and figure out how it feels and what I need to do – but, until I see that first split I generally don’t have a clue what’s going on!

Mile 1: 7:35…

Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be? Alright fine, legs. You speak, I listen; we run. I could go for one more 2012 PR*…

We took the rest of those miles in stride, hitting each split right around 7:30 – some a little bit faster and some slower (or so the math in my head tells me). After looping around and getting back to the Mile 1 sign (on the other side), I checked in again. Exactly One mile to go: 39:05…

Run for Shelter 10K time

Run for Shelter 10K – November 17, 2012

46:05 – 7:25 min/mile avg

Overall: 38 / 414
Age Group: 7 / 53


*2012 has been a good year, here. Every race has been a PR (with the exception of a 5K that was for fun – and then ended up being 5 seconds off). I’m glad this one followed suit!

Huge thanks to the Run for Shelter 10K directors, planners, volunteers and community outreach-ers! We had a great time and would definitely come back for round 2.


Did anyone else race this weekend? Good, bad, awesome or other?

Who’s gunning for one more personal best this year?


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Here’s lookin’ at Boston…

…April, 2014!

Who knows if I’ll actually get in, but all that matters right now is that I know I ran this:

MCM shoes medal watch 6

It wasn’t the perfect day, or the time I initially had my sights on. But… it’s mine, and it was ultimately an outcome I wanted (get. to. Boston!). More to come soon, once my toes calm down and my hips aren’t screaming. Like, whoa.

Thank you for the congrats – for following along and supporting every mile. This community kicks ass!

MCM morning readyMCM outfit   bib long

MCM running 1
MCM post-race w D

Marine Corps Marathon – 3:34:04 – 2012

‘Til the recap…


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Tour of Washington County: Cycling Time Trial 101

Last week I got your pedals wet with the first of three posts that attempt to explain the cycling world; D is 100% in racing mode, now even more so with a new goal added to the agenda (Labor Day weekend just filled up!).  The recent stage race that his team participated in, the Tour of Washington County (ToWC), consisted of a Road Race, Time Trial (TT) and Criterium (aka Crit).

While cycling is a team sport (many people forget that, or never knew), the Individual Time Trial is, well, just how it sounds. It’s just you and the long, open road…

ToWC time trial road 2

This particular event was pretty short – they did ~16 Km* (10 mi) as an out & back. The entire ride is an all-out sprint!

It looks like this:

ToWC time-trial warmup 1ToWC us

Step 1: Warm up! Almost every rider had their trainer set-up and a routine to go through. D’s warm-up involves ~55 minutes of intervals, building up and and then bringing the heart-rate back down. This is no easy 10 min “lap”; it burns upwards of 500 calories!

Yep, that tan is totes normal; the darker the line, the more you’ve trained. 

Step 1.5: Entertain your girlfriend while you wait to line-up.

ToWC time-trial 1ToWC Time-trial 3Tour of Washington County Time Trial line-up

Step 2: Line-up and wait for your turn. A race official is standing by, announcing numbers in groups – “Three One Nine, Three Seven Five, Three One Six!” – to let the riders know, you’re up next!

The racing order depends on the prior stage’s results. They race backwards; whoever won the ToWC Road Race on Saturday would go last for the TT in their Category.

ToWC Time Trial Start

Step 3: Wait for it…and, GO! (This is how the pros do it, a la TdF.)

Officials give the rider a “4, 3, 2…”, and then they’re off!

ToWC time-trial 5ToWC time-trial 6

TT’s are also know as the “race of truth”; riding alone, putting every ounce of energy into those pedals, sprinting for miles. You get no help from teammates, or drafting; the true test of endurance and strength!

This is where the fancy bike gear comes out; you’ll see the sperm Aero-helmets, aero-bars and more aerodynamic bikes. See Fabian Cancellara, TT king:


Image source.

The ToWC TT finish was ~2 miles from the start, and I totally missed the memo on that (realizing about half-way through D’s race). I did see this tired guy after:

ToWC post-time trial

And after that, it was time to rest! The riders had a few hours to recoup before their final ToWC stage, the Criterium.


Tired, yet? All I did was spectate and soak in some rays, but this was part 1 of a long day and an early morning! It was fun to watch all of the individual riders in their different routines, racing styles and fancy gear.

Questions? Personal TT stories? Curious how anyone could wear that helmet and take themselves seriously? Me, too.


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