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Friday Four: Feats of Breaking Habit

In this week’s headlines, we have online dating hoaxes, Lance out and honest along with Obamas gearing up for putting another day in the history books. In this little world, we have small feats breaking big habits:

1) Oatmeal, take the bench. We have a new starting bowl in town:

egg & kale breakfast

We experimented with a few new cooking sauces this week (see #3), and while this breakfast bowl would’ve been just fine without the drizzle, that flavor bump made all the difference.

Scrambled Eggs + Kale + Almond-tahini sauce + salt/pepper

Just as easy to put together as my usual bowl o’ oats, and just as filling. Eating kale first thing in the morning seems to provide that defiant “I’m doing something awesome!” feeling. Super green + breakfast = winning. Eggs’ protein has the highest bioavailable value and that almost-tahini sauce added in a dose of healthy fats. Can’t go wrong here!

2) Sunday (Spicy Veggie) Slow-Cooker Stew
Say that five times fast.

It may take a little extra planning, thinking about dinner four hours before you want to eat dinner, but needless to say it’s worth it. This week I just threw in what we had on hand – no plan or recipe in mind – and voila! Dinner + lunch leftovers for two days*:

crockpot veggie stew

In the mix: cubed baby purple, red & gold potatoes, kale, orange pepper, diced fire-roasted tomatoes (with green chiles), diced red onion, vegetable broth & water (enough to cover all veggies), red pepper flakes, garlic powder & cumin.

*Let those red pepper flakes & green chiles sit and your mouth will burn. There’s your warning.

3) Pour on the special sauce

We’re branching far away from the usual balsamic vinaigrette, BBQ sauce & salsa toppings. D blended a few things together this week and officially spoiled our tastebuds. (My understanding is that it was something like: tamari, almond butter, raw almonds, salt/pepper, olive oil & fresh garlic.) I tested out Emily’s Tahini salad and have officially confirmed that it’s all about the special-sauce.

tahini sauce cauliflower salad

4) Be scared. Keep climbing.

To use up our 15 day pass and really get in some good practice, we headed back to Earth Treks last night for a post-work climb session. This time my hands actually reached the 40-ft top on 4-out-of-5 attempts. I could get used to this panicked-but-adrenaline-rushing feeling…

Climb step 1 Climb step 3

Climb step 4
Nope, safety was not compromised in the taking of these photos. I was all of 3-4 ft off the ground.


what would you do if you weren't afraid

What habit are you ready to break?


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Spin & Shake

Put me on a road bike, and I’m fine; for whatever reason, I’ve avoided the SPIN bike for a long as I could. Today, that changed.


A handful of our ambassadors are owners and/or instructors at the Qi gyms around Denver. You could stop by for anything from a personal training session to Spin-Barre to Yoga.

So far, I’ve played it safe and stuck with Alex’s yoga classes. I’ve taken in the “Sweatalicious” (heated Spin + Boot Camp. I know, right?!!)and Spin-Yoga stories, and contemplated the options. I finally showed up, this morning, for a little challenge. Finding the right studio was my first obstacle, then arriving with one minute to spare and having my bike adjusted just in time to get going!

She gave me a few tips, as a Beginner: mimic the “Cat” position in  Yoga (tailbone tucked under, lower back rounded/extended, core IN); barely rest on the handles, bend your elbows and bring your knees up as you circle; when we stand/hover, mimic Chataranga. Speak Yoga, and I follow!

QiSpin Image source.

Aside from Bikram, I have never come to a sweat so quickly. With the likes of Kanye and the Black Eyed Peas beats’ blasting, our instructor yelling and our muscles screaming in response, it was a heart-pumping half hour. We stood, pushed it for 10, “ran”, used Chataranga to engage our arms and flexed feet to burn the glutes.

Then we rushed off our bikes, removed our shoes/socks, and met at the Barre.

For the next 30 minutes every muscle in my legs, hips and butt were engaged in a way they haven’t been before. By the end of every set my muscles were shaking. Then HOLD? WHOA.

I reverted back to the days of ballet lessons – poise and posture – and found myself hooked. I would say the difficulty level rivaled CrossFit, in its own way, and I have no doubt I’ll be feeling that burn tomorrow.

I came home to a self-instructed 10 minute Yoga session; I was feeling the need for a few Frog attempts, headstands, crows & stretches. Sassy’s 25 Days of Yoga challenge isn’t up yet!

I challenge you to switch it up this week – in light of the Holidays approaching quickly, do something different! Find a burn you’ve never felt before, and enjoy the obstacles to getting somewhere new.


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