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One Thing a Day: Teaching Yoga

If I had to pick one quote that has completely transformed the way I think, approach situations and make decisions, it would undoubtedly be this:


Eleanor & Chip are onto something…

If it doesn’t scare you, it doesn’t change you. If it’s not challenging, you’re not growing. If you’re never willing to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know what you’re missing!

Am I certified to teach yoga? Not yet. But when the door opens…

Thanks to a few Twitter interactions, Alana got in touch with me last week in regards to leading her & a crew of “Socialites” for a 5k morning run this week. All 20 Socialites were traveling to DC for two full days of training, so why not start the day off with some movement*? I’ve done things like this before for conferences downtown, and of course I  was in!

I mapped out our route, ran it once with Kate before we started (yep, all roads are clear and sidewalks are safe: check!). Starting at 7am, we ran with an impressively energetic crew of 11.

DoubleTre 5K run Group

Thanks to Kate & Elyse (far right) for joining!

Alana also thought it would be great to do a yoga class Thursday morning. I reached out to some local yoga teachers with no luck (short-notice, early morning, Pentagon City, etc.). We did have a yoga-mat donation from lululemon Georgetown, so there was that.

Would I be willing to teach it? Well, YES, but, um, I’m not certified…I have no formal training to do so…again, I am not certified to teach yoga!

But, could/would I?


do those things quote

With my fresh mats from lululemon (Georgetown store, I heart you!), a beginner-friendly sequence typed up straight from my head and a successful practice class done (thanks to my roommates!), it was all-systems-GO.

DoubleTree Yoga Mats

I wasn’t nervous, and everything about it felt like I had done it before. Come to a comfortable seat at the top of your mat, place your palms open on top of your knees and close your eyes. Relax. And enjoy the next 45 minutes!

DoubleTree Yoga Class


I know there is a “formal training” in my near future – once my budget agrees with it – but in the meantime, this box is checked and waiting for more! I would teach anytime, anywhere, for anyone. I would actually really love to teach something advanced – to challenge people and bring them out of those boxes – but beginners are refreshing. We were all on the same page!

Thanks to the DT-Socialites for practicing with me!


*If you’re going to a conference or training, request some sponsored workouts! Get moving before your day starts & rope in your crew – it’s a great way to meet people there with you and a great way to see the city you’re in. I’m taking on more opportunities to do this in DC & find it to be right in line with our WCS healthy-on-the-job mission.


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Running: The Ultimate Individual – Group Sport

It’s been a while since we visited the run life. Lace up & join for me a jog…

It’s natural to put one foot in front of the other, to use our muscles to move forward and our minds to release the adrenaline that convinces them to keep going. Some shoes make the act more sustainable, gadgets more entertaining and tech-clothing more comfortable – but we don’t need any of those things to just go for a run. You could go barefoot in the grass, on the beach or – if you’re tougher than most of us – on the pavement. Your body has the resources it needs to start, keep up and cool down – anytime, anywhere!

Had you met me six years ago, you would have found the lines of my comfort zone very neatly etched in a small square. You would find me standing very contently inside of it; you would struggle (though not impossibly) to pull me out.

One half-marathon training cycle and finish line later, you will see the lines begin to fade and shift.

What made you “more” adventurous?

I consider running the ultimate individual sport.

Pegasus Garmin 1

You can run with a team (professional, elite, every-day, etc), a group, and/or led by a coach, but at the end of the workout only YOU are responsible for how it went.

Only your mind-muscle connection will get you from point A to point B.

Only your inner monologue can convince you to do it again, and  again, and again.

Only your thought process** can open you up to tackling new challenges.

Boston Finish Line

More often than not, all of these things carry to your world outside of running. You learn you can tolerate fear, (temporary) pain and discomfort because more often than not, the reward of accomplishment is 100% worth it.

Exhibit A:

During a friend-group vacation last week I went snorkeling in Cozumel… and I didn’t freak (the eff) out. No panic, no fright, no holy-sh*t-get-me-out-of-this-water feeling. Monumental.

Adios, comfort zone.


On the other hand, this ultimate individual sport comes with a community. It’s the best kind of community (in my humble opinion).

Lulu Georgetown Loves boston_2013

**We share thoughts, theories (science?), splits, goals, successes, failures, hobbies, interests, stat obsessions, race wish-lists, tips and tricks, friends, coworkers, significant others and support. We share an affinity for good food, drinks and accessible bathrooms.

We encourage and push each other, we create the almost-always-effective buddy-system, we plan adventures and say “C’MON – DO IT!” for better or worse.

Sometimes, we just hand each other a beer and/or a banana and call it a day.

5.2013 Bar Run 15.2013 Bar Run Cheers

(Last Saturday marked our Long-Run group’s first Bar-Run/Crawl. Yes we had water, too. Yes we’ll do it again.)


Whatever activity/hobby it is that makes you feel like your best self – the one who’s willing to to step out of that comfort zone, willing to test a limit, and willing to really see what you’re capable of? Grab it. Find people who love it just as much as you do. Let it work some magic, whatever that trick might be!

If there’s anything in these words that strike a note with you, think about why, and let that change you.



IT GETS BETTER BY CHANGE.”         — Jim Rohn


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SCAN 2013: Creating Healthy Corporate Cultures

This past weekend I traveled to Chicago with a group of coworkers to present at the 29th annual SCAN (Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group) Symposium. We hopped on our western-bound plane early Friday morning to get in a full weekend of the conference, and Chicago played along nicely by greeting us with this:

chicago run waterfront

Sidenote: the past two times I’ve been to the windy city have involved presenting + conferences. One of these days it will be all play, no work!

The backstory: we attended the annual SCAN Symposium in Baltimore last year and sat in on a presentation about various certifications available for registered dietitians (RDs) interested in Wellness. Juliet, our Senior VP and Co-Founder, asked a few questions and spoke from experience. Then the mic was handed over to her – a lot of people had a lot of questions for us!

It was clearly time to put together a proposal, a presentation and a way to share our expertise with the SCAN group.

Corporate Wellness Prezi Homepage

Our timing couldn’t have been better: the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will soon change things in the Corporate Wellness world, and our company has continued to grow exponentially in response to the increasing desire for healthier office cultures.

We shared our Ground Zero – to – Business story, the changes coming with ACA in 2014, and the way we tackle corporate culture creating as program managers, coaches and health educators.

SCAN presenting group

We met some amazing RDs looking to enter the world of screening events, health education and wellness coaching, which was the idea! If you’re looking to join a corporate wellness network, or to team up with us in creating a healthier workplace at your office, send us a note!


Presenting and work-things aside, we picked a GREAT weekend to explore the Windy City. I joined fellow Ambassador Dave at his Chicago run club on Saturday morning for a 75-minute adventure along the water, and we got plenty of extra steps in exploring all of the other touristy things:

chicago cloud gate 2chicago cloud glate

runluluchi_long_runchicago navy pierJohn Hancock tower

Chicago handed us all spades – it was a gorgeous weekend to be there, explore, join a lululemon run (thanks, Dave!) & present with some of my favorite wellness people!


What’s your take on Corporate Wellness? What do you want to know about the world of healthy office cultures?


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Run: The Track! (Starter Workout)

We took our usual Tuesday night lululemon Georgetown crew on a different adventure this week; they obliged. Conveniently one mile away from our starting point rests an under-the-radar track, just waiting for us! It may not be lit up at night, but soon enough our friend DST will jump in and fix that.

I haven’t run ovals around a track in…um…a really long time. The last I remember actually being there was during my 2011 MCM training. Oops. Luckily Coach Melani had this workout in mind, which is perfect for track-workout newbies and those of us who have gotten unreasonably lazy with speed-work. It’s not too much or too difficult, but if you pace yourself to have a little bit of juice left, that last 200m interval is perfect for a real all-out sprint.

georgetown track workout

Original photo credit: Athletic Minded Traveler.

The Starter’s Workout:

Plyometric warm-ups & stretching (knee-highs, butt-kicks, etc.)
200m | 400m | 800m | 400m | 200m
Run 200m rests in-between (no total rest or walking).

Her suggestion was to run this at level 3 – 3.5, on a scale of 1 – 5.
(“1” being conversational and easy, “5” being Don’t say a word to me I can barely breathe!)

The result:

Nicely jello’d legs that are learning how to move quickly again! It’s a good burn.


What’s your track workout of choice? I liked this one because it kept my mind entertained, vs. the usual 800, 800, 800, 800, etc. It also seemed much more manageable – thanks to the variety – against some that I’ve done in the past. Win, win!


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EPIC Yoga: Barres, Space & cOMMunity

If you’re a DC yogi and haven’t had an EPIC class yet, you’re missing out. I met Emma back in June at our old-school-style lululemon Ambassador camp, and have no idea how I managed to let almost 7 months slip by before finally joining her on the mat.

EPIC yoga Dupont DCEPIC yoga lobby

First, we’re gonna need to take a minute and admire this lobby.  You could probably skip the class thing and just hang out here for some peace, quiet, relaxation and who is the genius behind this place?! pondering.

It is gorgeous in here.

The whole place follows suit. This is easily one of the biggest studios in DC, and the space complete captures you and allows you to forget that just outside of those windows exists a bustling, loud, and jam-packed Connecticut Avenue.


There are actually three separate studiosBarre, Yoga/Misc. & Hot Yoga – combined by “community rooms” with a cozy fireplace and plenty of space to just hang around (maybe bring a book and camp out?).

EPIC yoga barre 1

Bottom two, photo source:

THE PERKS: complimentary mats, towels & lockers! In Emma’s words, this keeps with the “full-service yoga vibe”.

In DC? This is a rare treat.


My first EPIC date: Anne & I joined Emma for some Barre-Yoga love.

This isn’t a norm in my routine, but I love the mix of ballet & yoga – this is what Emma does best, if anything she is a dancer through & through.

EPIC Barre yoga 2
emma saal EPIC barre yoga

Photo credit: Jonathan Thorpe | lululemon ambassador photographer

A ballerina I am not, but it was a test of balance, grace and committing to keeping a steady eye on Emma while trying to remember classic training from years ago. An hour later each muscle group was worked, a little shaky and a notch-up on the flexibility scale.

I quickly came back for a Sunday morning Community class*, joined by a room full of early-risers. It was a beginner-focused hour that allowed some room for experimenting (crow & headstand), relaxing and stretching.

EPIC yoga class 2

*This 11 a.m. Sunday morning class at EPIC will be the weekly (free) lululemon Logan Circle community class. Come join, February – May!


I have another 9 classes to use on my pass – a good excuse to try out some new-to-me yoga styles, a heated hour or two, and another dance with the barre. I am purely smitten with EPIC and would recommend it to yogis of any level in the District (or visiting!).

What’s your must-have list for a studio / gym? What studio would you send me to in your city? (Might as well get that traveling list started…)


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