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In Case You’re Wondering

Here are some gems floating around the world wide web right now…

say yes_tina fey

Saying “no” is so f-ing boring!
(Attitude, perspective & a dose of the artists’ genius.)

The web-reading black hole that is Thought Catalog compiled one list I’ll never get tired of reading: 50 Awesome Quotes That Will Inspire You to Take that Risk.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. -George Addair


In the life-as-a-20-something world:

Most of us are broke, on some level. I mean, it happens…
(Always a good read with Kat on the keyboard!)

If I had a drastic career change, I’d be sure to consult this list (which clearly indicates people should be job-searching in California, Colorado or Montana).


On my traveling bucket-list:

A few places that lay comfortably under the radar, two of which I’ll be seeing before the end of this month! Hint: I’ll be really sick of lobster by August 31.


In the health & nutrition world:

We’re not yet worried about the recent study linking Omega-3s to risk of prostate cancer. Maybe there’s more to come, but for now this sums it up. (Thanks for a great piece, Jared!)

I work in corporate wellness, and that can mean a lot of different things. Our world is in the spotlight with the impending Affordable Care Act changes (2014-2015) – take a look (listen up).

The Veg Life” ‘s fridge is FULL and waiting for some kitchen time. Recent finds: Chilled Avocado Soup, Miso glazed eggplant and Gluten-free raw-friendly brownies (to name a few).

And in case you are a fan of insanely long lists of things you will probably never do, this is definitely a must-read! Even as an RD I think, “yeah, girl – I hear ya!”


Happy reading! What wisdom(s) have your eyes landed on lately?


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From My Kitchen to Yours (LOVE Giveaway)

Just dropping in to say there is some LOVE-spreading going on today! Hop on instagram and leave a LOVE note if you want some Love Grown Foods goodies (who doesn’t? It’s the best of the best.):

Love Giveaway 7.26

Instagram: heatherdcrd


Happy Friday!


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A Day in the Life: Corporate Wellness Event-Planning

My job description is a mix of two worlds at Wellness Corporate Solutions; I’m part Wellness Coach, part Program Manager (PM). Going into this split-position meant a lot of learning on-the-job! With my client, the PM world involves  event-planning and health/wellness consulting. My goals may never have seen “event planner” inserted under my skillset, but voila – it has arrived!

IMG_3227 IMG_3226

This particular event is one of our biggest of the year – the annual Wellness Expo – and was themed for Breast Cancer Awareness (see: pink). We spent about three months planning – reserving rooms, booking vendors, ordering swag, roping in the facilities team, writing and disseminating communications, tweaking flyers and logos, etc. This is nothing if not a TEAM effort.

How does this play out from the planning side?
Come join us…

Monday: See above! With materials donated from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Larabar and various businesses who were unable to attend so instead contributed coupons/discount cards, we stuffed 600 bags.


Boxes are checked, last-minute changes are being made and we’re gearing up for the Expo eve.

Tuesday: All vendors agreements are in, contact information is being condensed into one-pagers and we’re making sure everything will be set for our stations and volunteers. We run-through the layout as tables are being set up, and work with facilities to get everything in place.

It’s time to clear out the conference-turned-storage room that we reserved for the week so that it’s ready for the Volunteer Breakfast + Vendor Refreshments in the morning!


My life-support-clipboard contains the following: Vendors’ contact information + table-number, vendor floor plan, volunteers’ assignments and contact information, parking  & loading directions (for those calls that will come in), the day’s agenda and special requests.

Wednesday: Event Day!


The planning team (all four of us) were onsite by 7:30 am, volunteers came in around 8:30 and vendors start arriving at 9:30. From there, it’s non-stop action! We had 60 tables, 55 vendors, food samples (special shout-out: Popchips!), giveaways and raffles, fitness demos, massage, acupuncture, pink manicures, a special screening (see: Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta host!), a blood drive and flu shots.


By the time 3pm rolled around we had probably walked miles around that first floor expo! I like to visit the vendors at least once per hour to check in on how things are going, if they need anything, make sure they took a lunch break, and they know where the bathrooms are, etc.

Before you know it, the day is over and we’re taking pink linens off of tables and boxing up leftover (?!) Georgetown cupcakes.

Before my brain can process that we’re done, my feet are propped up and it’s time to relax.

All in a day’s (week’s, month’s…) work, as a Corporate Wellness Dietitian.



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Wisdom from the WWW

I’ve been hushed by Tuesday night’s {free} Bootcamp workout at the the lululemon Georgetown store; Sgt. Ronald took payment in the form of sweat, maxed heart rates, muscles worked and lactic acid dished out in full. Kate & I will certainly be back for more, once we can walk & run without waddling again.

On my off days, I read. My current nightstand companion is All the Money in the World, teaching me a few lessons in how to play offense, spend mindfully and get myself across the pond sooner than later.

Online, I’ve found these gems worth passing along:

Live Every Day Like You Travel
via Tiny Buddha

As travelers, we often take a step back and let our new surroundings teach us a thing or two about a thing or two. We open our minds to new possibilities; we relax, remembering that the world still spins when we aren’t worrying about and completing daily mundane tasks. We explore, learn, pause and breathe.

Oh how the days, weeks and months in between would be different if we had that traveling mentality more often.

Take a Cheat Day


First, note the absence of the word “binge”. While you may find balance and intuitive eating more of a mindset than a daily choice – or in some cases, a struggle – there is still something to be said for the indulgences we enjoy. Asking me to “give up” dark chocolate may as well be like telling me to stop running. 1) I won’t. 2) There goes my balance. On a plant-based diet, I feel like I get my fair share of nutrients everyday, and then some. Add a piece of dark chocolate, for antioxidants? No, because I love that bitter sweetness. Balanced.

Life is short; eat well, exercise often, and find your balance. This article provides insight into the science of the off/”cheat”-days.

10 Health Mistakes You’re Making Right Now, because You Think You’re Too Busy

via Huffington Post

Starting in January, I was back on a 9-5 schedule for the first time in well over a year. Yes, I had obviously been working, but not necessarily in that norm. It was surely an adjustment, but my routine adapted fairly well to a few tweaks. Here, there may be fewer posts, more “quick n’ healthy” recipes, and a week where yoga just happens at home, not in a studio. But no major life changes have ever proven to rock my priorities. My sanity thanks the priority-setting side of my brain for that.

You’re not too busy. Here are 10 points to shake you back into shape.

What have you been reading lately? Feel free to share some www .cm wisdom!


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3.25 Miles

For the first time in well over two years, this happened:

morning run with D

After a bike-ride mishap for D led to me missing the group run last night, he offered up a substitute – run with me, in the morning?

Backtrack: we met as running buddies, just friends. Approximately one day after we started “dating”, he hurt his ankle. What should’ve been a 2-3 month recovery, turned into 6 months in an air-cast, a slow transition back to cycling, and an even slower  transition back to running (2 years).

Today, we woke up for a 6:30 a.m. run together. We ran 3.25 miles.

I have my other running-buddy back!


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