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NHBPM WEGO Prompt: My Health Library

I fully credit the movie Food Inc. with changing my entire food, and health, philosophy. There were small changes being made up to the minute before I watched it in full, but it was undoubtedly my tipping point. Coincidentally, that film led to an interest in picking up more books on subjects of interest (see: nutrition, food, health, mindset, etc.).

Today’s NHBPM prompt asked for a book report – what’s your favorite book and how does it tie into your health/life? Given the way I’ve added to our “library” over the past two years, that’s a loaded question! I can’t pick one, as these have all added a flavor to life that I didn’t know was missing.

If you dine from my bookshelf buffet, your eyes would have a hard time resisting these…



All the Money in the World   Books


Food rules    In Defense of Food


Animal vegetable Miracle   Skinny Dish Cooking with trader Joe's


Click on any of the above if you’re intrigued. They’re all worth your time, dollars and brain-chewing energy! Most of them are still stacked near my nightstand (except for the cookbook, which clearly belongs right near the food!), dog-eared pages n’ all ready to be picked up and indulged when I’m craving their words.

I’m actually glad I’m only about half-way through In Defense of Food; it’s like fully tasting, and savoring, those last few bites of a decadent dessert.


What’s in your health library?

Any one favorite book that I should be adding to this group?


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Marine Corps Marathon : Goal Glory

It’s DONE. The Marine Corps Marathon weekend has come & gone, but that high is sticking around.

MCM Weekend 011 MCM before

The legs & I teamed up to grab that goal, run strong & see what was really possible. Limits were undoubtedly tested, and my pacer (ahem – run-buddy, friend & motivation) worked her usual magic.

The last 6.2 miles were some of the hardest I’ve run to date, but more on that when I have the capacity to write the recap.  For now, I’m letting my mind & legs rest. They worked hard; they accomplished a big goal – they took almost 20 minutes off of the existing PR – and they’re basking in the glory.

MCM Weekend 033MCM PR

Marine Corps Marathon – October 30, 2011

Chip time: 3:37:32*

A huge shout-out goes to all the Thanks & Congrats from yesterday – you guys never cease to support & amaze. Race recap to come…


*G’s timer started/stopped twice while I was walking through the Finisher’s corral – after which it occurred to me to lock the bezel + buttons.

The time above is the official result.


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100 Strong: Challenge & Giveaway!

Over the weekend, something happened that had nothing to do with Boulder, barefoot running or eating tons of berries…

FHBC.11 094FHBC.11 059NewtonClinic

Apparently the world kept turning outside of our mountain-town bliss.

…DOTR got notified of its 100th friend!


Apparently I talk about my blog’s facebook page in the third person.

Since I’ve missed every “100 post” mark on this site – which is totally arbitrary, but fun to ‘celebrate’, anyway (currently at 335) – this other arbitrary moment called for a celebration!

DOTR’s Facebook page, my rules.

The rules being that I’ll be having a giveaway for every 100 new Friends, and that in this particular game, “celebration” means challenge!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I like it when my friends stay active with me – sweat once a day, do things that scare you, all that good stuff.

That means to be part of this challenge-giveaway, you’ve got to participate! This won’t even involve going outside, or putting your shoes on if you prefer to be barefoot. All you have to do is one movement, from Today’s Movement, which you’ll find here –> CLICK*.

*View the Tuesday, June 28 video – if this requires you to “sign-up”, don’t worry, you won’t get any spam e-mails! It just allows you to view exercises from previous days.


Report back with the # you and those strong quads + hamstrings reached (we don’t judge here at DOTR – all numbers welcomed!), and Tweet about the challenge if you’re a tweeter-type.

You have until Thursday  (6/30) evening to enter your number, at which point I’ll pick a random winner!

The WINNER gets:

GOJI cookies* + Quaker Oatmeal Squares* cereal box
+ an extra surprise (one of my favorite things!)

*Full disclosure: These products were given to me by their respective companies to taste-test. I was not paid to do so. Both products pleasantly surprised me with taste & texture, so I’m spreading the love!


GO! Squat!


On another note, there is a great list of comments here discussing the Barefoot/Minimalist running idea + drills + calf-muscle craziness! Thanks for all the input!

P.S. If you’re really not into squatting, you’re not banned from entering. Just say Hi! – that works, too.


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