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Lemon Basil Miso Dressing

Never have I ever…cooked with, or purchased, Miso! Truth. So I picked up a container of the “Mild Yellow  Miso” at Trader Joe’s last week because buying new things means making new things! Then it sat in our fridge for about 5 days unnoticed, because I’m a novice.

Fear of letting yet another cauliflower spoil (see: things we buy but forget to use) meant I could double-up! Two foods, one saving sauce.

Lemon Basil Miso Dressing DOTR

Lemon Basil Miso Dressing

2 Tbsp Miso paste
2 Tbsp water
1 lemon, juiced
5-7 fresh basil leaves, chopped
1/2 Tbsp minced garlic

I’ve read through the blogvine that Miso is a base for sauces, so that settles that. We had some fresh basil that needed using (seeing a theme here?) and a lemon tree in the backyard that never fails me.

Combine all of the above and blend. (I used an immersion blender.) Voila! Miso sauce magic.

Lemon Basil Miso Dressing DOTR 2

I roasted one head of cauliflower at 350* for about 25-30 minutes (stirring twice), with a drizzle of olive oil + black pepper. Then tossed in this dressing. Served along side some steamed kale & sable fish – or your protein + green veggie of choice!
Lemon Basil Miso Dressing Dinner | dietitian on the run

Now…any suggestions on how to use the remaining ~10 tablespoons of mild yellow miso?

**And, if you want some free chocolate-strawberry LOVE Os,
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Dining On: Saucy Fish Co. Meals

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks about habits – I loved hearing some thoughts from the peanut gallery and seeing other people who resonated with the idea. I’m still flossing; the streak continues! Don’t hold me to it, but I think we’re onto something this time…

Another habit in this house is weeknight cooking! A Monday – Thursday night meal is very rarely consumed outside of the bungalow. And a weeknight meal is often pretty simple ‘round these parts: fish and vegetables.

Disclaimer: the Saucy Fish Co. samples featured below were provided to me free of charge. 

2015-01-14 19.20.192015-01-22 18.39.41

A rep at the Saucy Fish Co. (which I tend to pronounce as “Sassy!” in my head) offered us some samples of their new fish + sauce pairings, and I thought – yeah, Of COURSE.

This is a new-t0-the-US product, and currently sold on the East Coast. So for now, I just got lucky enough to snatch up four dinners’ worth of taste testing and a lot of appreciation for someone else figuring out the spice/flavor blend for the night.  2015-01-22 18.12.27   2015-01-14 18.53.15

In the mix: Sweet Sou & Chili Dressing, Chile Lime & Ginger Dressing, Mango & Chili Sauce + Tomato & Chili Chutney.

So, they have a thing for Chili….which this New Mexican gal is totally fine with.

The perks:

– packaged servings perfect for a weeknight dinner-for-two

– sustainable fish products

– a mix of complimentary flavors

– little brain power needed for meal-planning!

All we did was prep some veggies (seen above: roasted spiced kale, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli) and stick the filets in the oven (350*) for about 20 minutes. Voila! Dinner! Perfecto.

With the Mango Chii Sauce I cooked the tilapia and then chilled it for salads the next day, using the sauce as dressing. Another way to enjoy the packaged pair:

2015-01-27 13.12.57


Check ‘em out if you’re looking for some easy-to-prep dinners or lunches. This is also a great way to break into cooking fish at home – which tends to intimidate newbies, as it’s easy to dry it out or blank on how to flavor it.

What are some of your favorite fish toppers (sauce or otherwise)?

The best I’ve made myself is this Almond & Roasted Red Pepper…uh, mash? That. These sauces are inspiring me to get back on that creative kitchen box.

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{Paleo} Vegan Eggplant Pizzas

In my continued quest to befriend the eggplant, we went down a road that never fails a single taste-bud test: the pizza. We don’t cook according to any labels, but this recipe happens to be gluten-free, vegan- and Paleo-friendly.

Yes, even a  bacon-loving, 1/4-a-cow-in-the-freezer* dude eats “vegan” meals every once in a while. Veggies hold a high power in this house!

The trick with using an eggplant “crust” is this vegetable’s affinity for moisture. To avoid total mush, start by slicing your eggplant, placing the rounds (~1 inch thick) on a paper towel and salting. Let this sit for about 20-30 minutes. If you’re impatient and cook on a time budget like me, even 10-15 minutes will help.

Then, turn your oven on and hop to it!

Vegan Eggplant Pizzas

1 medium eggplant, sliced (1-inch thick rounds)
~3 Tbsp olive oil

Vegetables of choice!
We went with sautéed yellow squash and red onions.

1 15 oz can fire-roasted diced tomatoes (I usually go with Muir Glen)
Salt/Pepper, Thyme, Oregano – to taste
2 leaves fresh basil
1/2 Tbsp minced garlic
1/2 Tbsp olive oil

Preheat the oven to 375*. Drizzle olive oil over the eggplant slices; roast for 15 minutes. During this time, prep and/or sauté your vegetables (if you like them cooked first – skip this step if you want them crispy). Combine all of the sauce ingredients in a food processor, or high-power blender, and blend/pulse until smooth.

Remove the eggplant slices and top with sauce + veggies. Cook for another 8-10 minutes. 

2014-09-04 18.36.20

As you can see, we got a bit distracted by the guac-master’s other creation of the night. So, that also happened.


As with any pizza, the options are endless and totally up to the season’s harvest, your taste and/or dietary preferences. But as mentioned above, this was a meat-free dinner for the meat-lover in our house, and I heard no complaints! You could even cut these into fourths and make them a party-pleasing appetizer. Either way, the eggplant wins, yet again.

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One-Dish Meal: Spicy Thai Basil Eggplant Recipe

If there’s one thing I’m confident with in the kitchen, it’s a one-dish meal. I’m all for efficiency, simplicity and easy clean-up! While I love home-cooked meals, and don’t mind cooking them myself, I steer clear of complicating things.

2014-08-10 19.04.52-1

Here’s the deal: I do not love eggplant. It doesn’t have a ton of flavor, it can be very tough on the jaw, and it dries out very quickly.

But every vegetable deserves a fair chance in this world! I DO love ordering the eggplant dish at Thai restaurants, and that just flat-out baffles me. How do they do it?! It’s always soft, and edible, and flavorful (read: spicy!), and delicious. I order it without reserve; I know they’ll nail it and I’ll want another plateful for leftovers (because no, there are no leftovers).

I’m growing basil plant #5 in the backyard and it was begging for an excuse to be harvested. I picked up an eggplant at Trader Joe’s and thought, “Okay, let’s do-si-do one more time…”

Spicy Thai Basil Eggplant
Makes ~4 servings, or 2 big ones

2 Tbsp coconut oil
1 Tbsp minced garlic (~2 cloves)
1/2 red onion, sliced
1 eggplant, chopped into cubes
1 Tbsp sesame oil
Basil, to taste (~3/4 cup fresh leaves, chopped)
1 can(15 oz)  fire-roasted tomatoes
2-3 cups fresh greens: arugula, spinach OR kale (optional)
1 tsp cayenne pepper (or to taste)
Red pepper flakes, to taste (if you really like that spice!)
Optional: top with sunflower, sesame and/or pumpkin seeds

Heat the coconut oil over medium in a large sauté pan (or wok). Add garlic, stirring for 1 minute. Add red onions; cook and stir for 1-2 minutes. Add eggplant, tomatoes, sesame oil and seasonings (cayenne). Continue cooking this mix until the eggplant softens (8-10 minutes); add 1/8 – 1/4 cup water if it looks dry. Stir in the basil and greens; cook until softened.

Top with seeds for extra crunch, flavor and healthy fats!

2014-08-10 19.07.22Suggested summer pairing: Water + Watermelon Ale (not mixed together), to quench the spice and your thirst.

Eggplant, you’ve redeemed yourself! I think you have basil, spices and tomato juice to thank. But we’ll take it.


What’s your favorite one-dish meal?

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Eat The Green Spoon: Whole Food, GF, Home-Delivered Meals (DC, VA)

If someone offered to deliver a locally and sustainably sourced, gluten-free, chef-cooked meal to your door, would you turn that down?

Yah, I didn’t either.


Hanson, owner and founder of The Green Spoon, personally reached out to see if I had any interest in taste-testing their meals. His pitch needs little to no pizzazz. The company’s values speak for themselves, and they speak loudly to the target demographics!

Do I want a gourmet meal prepared by a trained chef, that happens to also be gluten-free, sourced locally and sustainably, nutritionally balanced and, of course, full of flavor, delivered to my doorstep? Well, sir, I can’t think of a person who would say “No” to that question. So, yes, absolutely!

I was anticipating one meal. If the Chef was feeling generous or the kitchen had leftovers or some other luck-of-the-universe situation happened, maybe a meal for him, too.

I provided the address and he gave me a time of delivery; perfecto, I’ll be there! What I wasn’t expecting when I opened the door was a bag FULL of meals (see above). We didn’t need to cook for the rest of the week!



Our sample meals included:

Mahi Mahi Napa Salad | Salmon with Mango Salad & Brown Rice | Grilled Rib-Eye with Tomato Relish & Balsamic Steak Sauce over Mashed Sweet Potatoes | Almond-Crusted Fish Sticks, Broccoli & Carrots (steamed) with Cauliflower Mash | Seared Halibut with Citrus “Soy” Sauce, Brown Rice with Bok Choy, Sweet Peppers & Cauliflower Mash | Chicken with Zucchini (GF) Waffles with Mixed Berry Agave Compote & Vegetable Medley

The Details:

Sources are listed for all foods.
Meals are organic.
Meals are gluten-free.
Produce is determined by seasonal availability.




A few of these were dinner, while a few were a very handy, healthy packable lunch. They’re easy to reheat and taste like they were freshly cooked, no matter how you warm them up (instructions included). Flavors between the protein, vegetables and starches were all very complimentary and we enjoyed the meal’s variety of textures and colors. Each sample received two-thumbs up from the respective taste-testers (my pescetarian tastebuds & the meat-eating fiancée).


If you’re in the DC area, check these guys out! Order something. Branch out of your dinner-eating comfort zones!

They specify delivery zones and, as I’ve mentioned, bring it right to your door. While I’m not one to order weekly meals, I think this could be a creative solution to small dinner parties, or a date-night “in”, or perhaps fooling the family while they’re in town?

You decide how you’d like to enjoy your Green Spoon plate, but just know that you’ll be happy to support this crew.



Full disclosure: All meals were provided free of charge.

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