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Friday LOVE: Hot Oats (LGF) Intro & Giveaway!

If there’s one company that makes it easy to proudly boast your LOVE for their product, Love Grown Foods is it. Right there in the name, you can’t not love them.

LOVE drop

As part of their LOVE Bloggers team, I get this lovely LOVE drop that makes my day every. single. time. The latest box o’ love included their newest family member – the HOT OATS!


I have no way to explain or justify my perpetual affinity for oatmeal, but know that it’s unwavering. I break from the norm now & then, but the winter knows no better (cozy, warm, filling) breakfast match.

Hot Oats Row Apple

When the LGF team announced that they were bringing a new LOVE product to our cabinets, and that it was oatmeal!? Well my taste-buds had a little celebration of their own. 

This is the solution to a breakfast that satisfies me on-the-go, removes the urge to stop at Starbucks for their tiny, never-quite-cooks-right bowl (when traveling),  and adds some flavor variety! WIN, win, win.

You can cook it in the microwave or on the stove, using the packaging (if you’re on the go) or dumping it right into a bowl.

A few reasons to Love this new breakfast friend:

-certified gluten-free         
-no sodium  
-sweetened with brown sugar & freeze-dried fruits
-single-serving, perfect for the road, kitchen or suitcase

Hot Oats StackLGF Hot Oats Nutrition

Where can you find it?

In the following stores (with more to come):

  • Raley’s (Northern CA)
  • Whole Foods – Southern CA
  • Whole Foods – Rocky Mountain Region
  • Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
  • King Soopers/City Market (Colorado)
  • Sobeys (Canada)
  • …..OR….

…here! Win a four-pack* for yourself!

To enter the giveaway**:

  1. Speak up & let me know which flavor you’re most excited to try:
    Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Banana Walnut, Peach Almond Vanilla, Strawberry Raspberry.
  2. Follow Love Grown Foods on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  3. Tweet it up! Tag @lovegrownfoods & @heatherdcRD

*This giveaway also includes a bag of your favorite Love Grown Foods Granola. I think this pairing is perfection, but that’s just my opinion….

LGF Hot Oats & Cocoa Goodness

Happy Friday!

Spread LOVE.


**This giveaway is open to US & Canada residents only, until midnight on Monday, February 25th 2013.


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Warm Winter Breakfasts

I can’t say it’s “winter” here just yet (snow, are you coming? It’s cool if you don’t…), but we’re to the point where if I’m out for a run in the morning I’m usually bundled up head-to-toe (aside from Tuesday night, when this happened!). We’re also to the point where I wait impatiently while the French Press brews in the morning and I immediately put on a sweatshirt as I roll out of bed. Warm. me. up!


That said, I’m starting to think there might be more to breakfast than my usual oatmeal, banana, creamy peanut butter combo…

I’m doing some research and learning how easy it is to still use my beloved oatmeal but switch it up just a little bit. Exhibit A:

Baked oatmeal

baked oatmealbaked pumpkin oatmealoh she glows portable oatmeal

Recipes & image sources (left to right):

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal, via The Faux Martha
Pumpkin Boatmeal for One (vegan), via Chocolate Covered Katie
Portable Baked Oatmeal, via Oh She Glows

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal, via Annie’s Eats

And that list could go on and on….you’ll find options with an easy Google search (“baked oatmeal” + flavor of choice) and on Pinterest, of course.

Next up? Ashley’s baked buckwheat! She makes it look so easy…

bucketwheat bake edible perspective

Recipe & image source: Blueberry Buckwheat Bake, via Edible Perspective

See also: Chocolate Buckwheat Bake & Savory Veggie Buckwheat Bake.


If you’re not up for baking or oatmeal or buckwheat, there are also these simple, warm combos:

Quinoa & Eggs + Veggies (spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers, etc.)
Rice & Eggs (D’s favorite breakfast from The Feed Zone)
Sweet potato & Eggs (microwave or baked)
Warmed Apples + Cinnamon & Almond Butter
Sautéed red potatoes + onion + peppers
Egg + Toast + Avocado
Breakfast Tacos (warmed corn tortilla, eggs/tofu, avocado + veggies + salsa)


What does your breakfast menu look like?

If time weren’t an issue, what would you cook for yourself each day?


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Some Don’t like it hot: Yoga, Cool Eats & Spring Racing

My yoga passes are dwindling, so options are limited these days! On Tuesday night, Emily joined me for what was supposed to be “Vinyasa 1.5” (between levels 1-2) at Studio DC. Most of their classes are heated, but I specifically scope out the ones that are not.

It was the first day of Spring, but the humidity felt like a reminder of summer. It must’ve seeped right into that studio, and set up camp!

Within 10 minutes I could feel the beads of sweat forming – not a good sign. Thirty minutes into the ninety we signed up for? I was slipping on my mat, distracted by the heat and scheming how I could open the window right behind us  – maybe just stick my head in fresh, outdoor air?!  Yes, it was THAT uncomfortable. Or, so says my memory.

I don’t like it hot {for yoga} – there, I said it.


In other news, it’s almost warm enough now that I can put oatmeal cravings aside and tap into the breakfast repertoire that doesn’t bring my body temperature to 110*.  I’m down to the last 1/2 cup in my stash, and we have many options that I often ignore – chobani yogurt, TJ’s pancake mix, LGF granola, and fresh/frozen fruits. My blender hasn’t seen the light of our kitchen in months; it serves to smooth!

21 0098.29.11 057
7.30 0058.8.11 005
7.30 032


It’s also warm enough to put all running tights away and get some sunlight on these legs & arms! As you can see from the RnR photos, it’s shorts season here. Getting up and out the door for my early morning rendezvous with Kate is slightly easier these days. Spring “training” continues!

I do like it warm, and I love me some summer-running attire.

The year I filled up my Spring race line-up with the “longer” distances that become a challenge once those temps dip into 90. With the half-marathon PR box checked ( thanks for the congrats! ), there are two 10-milers to go and a lot of local 5/10Ks to choose from. Looking for a local option (DC)?


Do you like it hot? Yoga, spring/summer, breakfast, racing season?

What spring races are on your agenda (local or not)?

Edited to add: made changes to commenting, out of the author’s control. If you have a WordPress account tied to the e-mail address you’re using to comment (even if it’s old, or one you don’t use), you must sign in with that account to comment. Otherwise, just use a different e-mail? Or make one up, like Marlene did  :)  )


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Tuesday Trials: Lasagna & the Stovetop

Two cooking successes have been added to the ‘book’ (blog?) over the past few days – I made my very first “real” lasagna, and I made oatmeal without the help of a microwave! Win, win, my friends.


Saturday night we hosted a dinner party for an early birthday celebration (D’s). With six mouths to feed – three of whom had put in some long miles that day (20, 13 & 10), and one of whom came straight from a Rugby game – the menu definitely needed something that’s sure to satiate a real hunger. Being the only meatless diner, I took it as my personal mission to cook a veg-friendly meal and satisfy the masses.

Done, and DONE.

9.18.11 104

Baked Italian dishes are usually a safe bet; it’s rare that anyone has an aversion to melted cheese, flavorful marinara sauce and soft noodles. Add in some vegetables & a hearty serving, and you’ll have a content dinner table.

I went with lasagna – Jenna’s Spinach & mushroom lasagna, to be exact.
There were no changes, other than I didn’t measure the cheese used. I know when there’s sufficient melted coverage, and there’s always room to add more if your pallet so desires.

9.18.11 1059.18.11 106

Served with a side of spinach salad (strawberries, feta, pecans & vinaigrette).

Lasagna, you will be seen in my kitchen again soon! Easy assembly, flavorful and satisfying? Yes, that’s a recipe for success!


Moving on, oatmeal is making a slow return to the breakfast routine. I’m definitely out of the every-day habit, but with the return of cooler morning temperatures, its appeal is resurfacing.

During our last Trader Joe’s excursion, I stood and stared at their oatmeal options for a good five minutes. They don’t sell oats in bulk, and the choices they have are quite varied. I always avoid the “Steel Cut”, because to me that reads “Takes Time to Cook”.

I took a risk! The oatmeal bowl could use a change-up; I’ve only heard good things; I could probably stand to be a little bit more patient with my breakfast in the morning.

9.19.11 052

I boiled the water, added 1/4 cup of oats, stirred regularly (after stepping away for almost 2 minutes and watching the pot almost boil over – don’t take those instructions lightly!), and added sliced bananas + a drip of vanilla extract at the end.

I topped it with my nut butter scoop (I use the 365 organic peanut butter – peanuts + salt + stirring) & a sprinkle of Sweet Cranberry Pecan Granola (Love Grown Foods).

Taste-bud heaven? There you are! These oats have a lot more flavor, a slightly fuller texture and a much lower risk of burning the roof off of my mouth.

Breakfast bowl trial: victory!

In case you’re curious: why steel cut vs traditional quick-cook rolled oats?

Steel cut oats are “less processed”, and are generally higher in fiber + protein. There’s not a huge difference, and in the end it will probably come down to what you have time for in the morning, or what your taste preferences are.

{Nutrition facts: Quaker quick-cook oats vs Bob’s Red Mill steel-cut oats}

What are your favorite lasagna (or other baked pasta) add-ins?
Are you a steel cut cooker or quick-oat microwaver?

Tried anything new this week? Let’s see it!


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Homemade Fuel for 20

I’m almost ashamed to admit it’s been weeks since we made our own pizza. The recent trend has been using my pre-LR “pizza & brew” tradition for our date-night – revealing how on-the-edge life is during marathon training, no?

I was craving a good homemade pizza this week! We grabbed a few “Colorado Proud” (i.e. local) tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & a whole-wheat crust. All of this for a mere $8, and no tip required.

Odell-Levity-Amber-Ale When possible, we chose a local beer (excluding Coors from the list). There are great breweries surrounding us, why not go local for drinks, too? Our brew of choice was O’Dell’s Levity, and this assures me I made the right choice –

“…a slight hop bitterness at the finish, impeccably balanced with the fruity notes and hints of toasted caramel…We enjoyed this beer with grilled veggie shish kabobs.”

Mmhm, veggies & beer. I’ll have that, with a dose of melted cheese & warm bread.

runfuel 002

D & I split this, although my marathon-metablism yesterday probably could’ve finished ~3/4 of it on its own. Fueling for 20 (or the next 6.2) is not to be ignored!

runfuel 001

20-miler pizza toppings
1/2 heirloom tomato, sliced & quartered
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
Mozzarella cheese, shredded
Tomato sauce
Seasonings: garlic, oregano, basil, thyme, black pepper


This morning, I had my usual. And here is why you never see oatmeal breakfast pictures on the blog:

runfuel 004

I barely have the patience to take the picture, much less arrange oatmeal, bananas and peanut butter in a way that looks more appetizing…

And I’m off! Fueled and ready to RUN. After recalculating I can safely say this is my last 20-miler  (we’re at #4 now) before the MARATHON. 17 days to go…


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