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{Marathon} Goals: To Share or Shut it?

Today we take a (probably much-needed) break from chit-chatting about heart-rates and running and the powers that be behind the training plan. Today, we’re slightly more reserved. Taking yet another different approach to something very familiar – the goal time(s).


Until I watched this TED talk, I approached goal-setting coaching (i.e. my day-job) with one mentality* – talk, talk, TALK IT UP! Tell people as much or as little as you want, but TELL THEM. Spread the news far and wide so that you feel fully committed. Keep it in? Well, that secrecy may mean you  don’t really believe you can do it; you’re giving yourself an out. If no one knows what you’re up to, no one knows whether or not you “succeed”, right?

Yes, in some ways that’s true. But, that’s not necessarily a fool-proof way to fail or stall. *I should have known better; there’s never ONE right way to do anything.

Rather, there are two schools of thought on goal-setting:

The first suggests sharing your goals with your community (family, friends, social network, etc.) to create a sense of accountability, holding you firmly to that goal and the steps you need to take to accomplish it. They’ll presumably check in on you, see how things are going, see if you’re still crazy enough to pursue said goal(s) and/or decide they want to join you! This is so helpful, right? Don’t you want to come back with full reports? Successes? Plans for them to hop on the crazy-train and enjoy the ride?

Sure. If that’s what works for you – go for it!
But, you don’t HAVE to.

The second contradicts this entirely; keep it to yourself, because once it’s said, but not done, you already feel some sense of reward and accomplishment. You get the (sometimes shocked-and-awed) reactions from friends and family, which elicits some feeling that you’ve already done what you need to do! And whew, that was easy. You didn’t even have to actually DO IT! Pressure’s off….but sometimes, so is the motivation to act.

Things are easier said than done anyway, right? Always!

But it’s not that easy. And if {insert personal goal} was easy, everyone would do it and there’d be no need for announcing or for self-keeping.

Maybe you work best within your own head – Introverts, high-five! – and only you need to know what’s going on while it’s going. You don’t need a long list of outside accountability sources to stick to it, and you’d rather operate on the notion that self-motivation can take you a long way. You want to work hard and reap the rewards, and then you can share them, if you so desire.

That’s okay, too! And maybe, if that’s what works for you, the “I DID this” report will be just as, if not more, satisfying than the “I PLAN to do this!” announcement.


demolish goals

Neither approach is right or wrong, better or worse, more or less effective. They can coexist or be completely independent. Whether or not either/or will work for you can only be decided by you. And as with most things, it’ll probably take some trial and error. Ugh, I wish I hadn’t loudly announced my desire to run a 100-mile ultra whilst high on endorphins after that 10-mile trail race! *Shakes fist* Darn you, happy hormones! Can’t you do math?! (End dramatic example.) But, what doesn’t? You’ll figure it out, for you.


Are you a goal-sharer or goal-keeper?

I think I unknowingly do a little of both, depending on the type of goal. And for this round, my lips are sealed for no particular reason other than continuing the trend – try something new and see how it pans out.


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Because I’m Happy

With winter woes, snow-covered tracks and newly discovered levels of exhaustion seemingly behind me, this Friday calls for a little Happy dance. If you haven’t listened to this song yet, do so now and I’ll be here waiting for you as you enjoy 3 minutes and 53 seconds of musical + dancing bliss.

(Yep, way behind on the times here, but whoa Pharrell, NICE WORK.)

good day

In the spirit of Friday and having a good day and Pharrell’s intoxicating tune, here are a few thangs that have made me pretty damn happy as of late:

The HAPPY Dance Video. Yes, I’ll watch it again as I jam-out here.

LEGOs, in movie form.  Genius. Also, Emmett, let’s hang out. shared one of the biggest contributing factors to happiness,  according to the science that is “measuring” happiness (?). I’ll venture to assume music comes in close in second-place. You’re welcome.

Handstand practice, in the office. If you can convince your coworkers to join you, and us, it’s just one minute per day. And here’s a step-by-step guide. If there’s a wall, there’s a way!

Tony’s Burpee Burner. I think Tony might be Emmett’s alter ego.

Running, specifically with this in mind. Wineries, sunshine, springtime and a finish line – all in one weekend? Yeah, counting down the days!


What would be on your list, as of late? Share the web-searching and/or music-listening love! All eyes and ears.


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Once Per Year…

Go somewhere you’ve never been before.


intention vs. habit—-

Eat at a new restaurant; run a new trail; spend a weekend in a new nearby town or relatively far-away city; show your eyes something unique, wherever or whatever it may be.

Break out of your habits, routines and comfort zones.


I wasn’t in marathon-training mode when I planned this trip, and I won’t be while I’m on it either. (It’s cool; Coach-approved n’ all!) Instead, I’ll be roaming around Nairobi, Masai Mara and Amsterdam with a heavy backpack and a light step. I’ll soak in some sunshine, because it’s a wonderfully warm 80* there (and a surprisingly warm 45* in Holland), and try not to taunt any wild animals.

puma pantsYes, I know that pumas are native to the Americas.
“Lion” just doesn’t work here.

These explorations are for running if/when we want to, wandering streets and African deserts, catching up with the best kind of friends, tasting new flavors and forgetting, for whatever amount of time you have, that there are responsibilities waiting for you. They’re not going anywhere -  we are.


Where are you going? Or, where do you plan to go soon?


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From this year (2014), I want…

“There are far better things ahead than any
we leave behind.”

- C.S. Lewis


In a timely update, almost exactly one year later I’m looking at this (2014) calendar of 355 days (to go) and simply thinking WHOA. I know a few things to be solid and true, and those will shape these months in an entirely new-to-me way.

I know that I’ll work harder than I ever have on the run, with a lot of help from a very good friend-turned-coach. I know it will hurt in the best way.

I know that I’ll travel to two continents (and countries) one week from now; my passport will finally have some fresh ink and used-up pages.

I know that there will be big moves that will turn worlds upside down.

I know there will be plenty of unknowns. Delicious ambiguity.

something new

I know that I want to ride the tail of 2013, filling my brain and adventuring and never planning too far ahead and trying a little harder to be a little better.

I want to find comfort in uncertainty. Go with the flow. Embrace the change. Overestimate strengths and say Yes. Why not! Alright fine.

I want to check boxes that have been open for a long time, of things that have patiently waited for me to come around and dig up courage and DO. I want to stare my tendency-to-procrastinate in the face and give her a mouthful. I want her to know that time management is a skill to be, and that will be, honed.

chaos be there soon

I want to use my backpack to roam both foreign streets and trails in national parks. I want to pitch a tent and start a (safe) fire and accept the fact that a bear might eat my food but it’s cool, I’ll survive.

I want to read books that take me to new places in the world – corners that hide in the shadows of big cities and tourist-filled streets and sunny beaches. Places that really represent what it means to open your mind and live a different life.

I want to keep the good people just a (physical or metaphorical) stone’s throw away.

I want to do/indulge anything which elicits this reaction: that scares the hell outta me. Maybe not all of them at once, in this year, but at least keep making a dent in the long list. (Repeat offender.)

I want to get back to chatting with you here in this space, sharing good eats and thoughts and runs and whatever else we might decide to talk about.

I want to listen; to let my brain turn its wheels, and remember to just shut up every now ‘n then so my surroundings can be loud.

listen laughing

I want to remember this:

You’ve only got three choices in life:
give up, give in, or give it ALL you’ve got.


Alright then. ALL in.

What do you want this year?


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2013: The {First} Year of {Many} Adventures

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one
wild and precious life?”

-Mary Oliver,  The Summer Day


I was selfish in the way that you sometimes just have to be; January was spent in mental overdrive. Some words found their way onto the right screen at the right time and with the right oomph:


Well alright then! No more sitting, waiting, wishing.

Just. Doing.


As all of the best adventures should, these started with the good people in life who surprise you when you least expect it. The people who hand you an air mattress and a shoulder and say ‘let’s go for a run’; the people who don’t question the how’s or why’s but instead say ‘we’re here’ (even when they then travel halfway around the world for months);  the people who know you for less than 48 hours before anteing up their faith (and rent)  in good timing and saying ‘just stay’.

meant to be say yes_tina fey

Then these adventures started checking boxes. This year had a tall order: I met the people that taught me the things, went places I had never been before, ran trails and roads in new states and cities, and said “Yes”  (Sure! Why not!) more often than not.

journeys what you think

230308_10102344924549269_1340981840_n  be crazy

(This could also arguably be considered the year quotes took control.)

I gave my mind time off from goals and calculating running paces and saving instead taking trips and wondering whether or not that last glass of champagne would hurt the next morning (of course it will, just have some H2O with it). I did things out of discomfort, reaching for experiences. I made choices based on little debate, because some of the best stories come from the most foolish decisions. My world collided with people who have changed everything.

When you say “yes”, you get an extra night in Yosemite’s Curry Village with your sister, a tattoo, a sun-and-spiked-slushy overdose in Hilton Head, four days in Acadia National Park capped with a sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, free rides on a jet ski, an ass-kicking from Tony Horton,  a hat-trick race with the Runner’s World crew, and nights of bottomless champagne deemed “BNE”s.

IMG_1633   Cozumel Captains

IMG_1996 Yosemite_Mirror Lake walk

IMG_2127 IMG_2191

IMG_2425  IMG_2780

IMG_3688 IMG_3799 IMG_3935

You get prepped and ready for the next adventure, whatever it may be (well, in this case it’s a trip to Africa). You get to look back on 365 days that changed everything and set you up for the next round. You get to think life has some pretty amazing destinations in mind when you let it do some of the steering. You get to finally say “Lessons. Learned.”

Do what you love, and do it often.”


Done. Cheers, 2013!


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