Once Per Year…

Go somewhere you’ve never been before.


intention vs. habit—-

Eat at a new restaurant; run a new trail; spend a weekend in a new nearby town or relatively far-away city; show your eyes something unique, wherever or whatever it may be.

Break out of your habits, routines and comfort zones.


I wasn’t in marathon-training mode when I planned this trip, and I won’t be while I’m on it either. (It’s cool; Coach-approved n’ all!) Instead, I’ll be roaming around Nairobi, Masai Mara and Amsterdam with a heavy backpack and a light step. I’ll soak in some sunshine, because it’s a wonderfully warm 80* there (and a surprisingly warm 45* in Holland), and try not to taunt any wild animals.

puma pantsYes, I know that pumas are native to the Americas.
“Lion” just doesn’t work here.

These explorations are for running if/when we want to, wandering streets and African deserts, catching up with the best kind of friends, tasting new flavors and forgetting, for whatever amount of time you have, that there are responsibilities waiting for you. They’re not going anywhere –  we are.


Where are you going? Or, where do you plan to go soon?


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5 Responses to Once Per Year…

  1. Nairobi & Masai Mara… you will love them! Or at least I loved them so I think you will too! I had the chance to study in Kenya for 10 weeks while I was in grad school… and it has a wonderful place in my heart. Masai Mara… there just aren’t words to describe the Mara. To see all the animals… I highly recommend a sunrise safari one morning if you can. And in Nairobi – my favorites were the Elephant Orphanage and the Giraffe Sanctuary! Nairobi and the Mara were my “vacation” spots from my home in Kenya of Maseno – where I was able to get to know the people of Kenya very well. They are so dear to me. So very excited for you!

    As for me – we are planning some trips in the country this year – Texas for my brother’s wedding, St. Louis for my other brother’s graduation, and California for a friend’s wedding.

  2. Mamacita

    Safe travels my sweet girl! Love, Mamacita

  3. Wow!! Have a blast, Heather! Be sure to take some pictures so we can all relive the excitement :)

  4. Go to the elephant orphanage in Nairobi!! (David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.) BABY ELEPHANTS. Even if you’re not as obsessed with elephants as I am, they’re so stinkin’ cute. That is all.

    The Giraffe Sanctuary is cool too, but a total tourist trap. But where else can you be kissed by a giraffe?

    Visit Kibera too if you have a chance…my friend in Nairobi had a contact there, so she took us around and we got to visit a school, but they also do tours. It’s crazy to see life in a slum and makes you even more grateful for what you have.

    Amsterdam is on my list, so I’m excited to hear about your trip! And how the running goes…I didn’t feel comfortable running by myself in Africa, but maybe I’m just paranoid. Women didn’t really show their legs, and I stuck out enough being white.

  5. Aurielle

    How exciting you’re going to Africa! I traveled to Ghana, West Africa this past October and absolutely loved it! I highly recommend adding this country to your list of adventures. The people and the food are amazing! I could be partial …my husband is Ghanaian 😉

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