Wave to the NEW WaveRider17

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Once again, I’m past the point where I’ve exhausted my current pair of running shoes and their usual mileage quota. My feet are desperately looking up at me like, “C’mon, we go through this EVERY.TIME…”! They’ve put up with a lot over the past 4 months, between the miles, the trails and the hat-trick racing adventures!

When Mizuno introduced their soon-to-be-released Wave Rider 17 to FitFluential, I put my name in the hat to review and test them out! I love my Wave Sayonaras, and continuously put in an effort to break away from my tried-and-true Nike Pegasus (because I think it’s good to branch out with shoes, not because they’ve done me wrong).

Low and behold, the WaveRider (a favorite of my run-buddy, Kate) has spread its charm. I have two very happy feet, with this light neutral shoe!

I’d like to introduce you…


First time on the run with the WaveRider17, and first time making a video of the action!

If you’re not much of a video-watcher, here are a few snapshots of the purple pavement pounders:

12.4.13 002  12.4.13 003

12.4.13 005

This shoe has comfortably eased its way into my rotation and is about to tackle a few high-mileage months of marathon training (to begin in January)! I’m pumped to have them on-board.

Thanks, Mizuno!

You’ll find the WaveRider17 on shelves as of December 5th, so if the runner in your holiday gift circle is looking for a new neutral run-shoe-buddy, these are a good add to the list!


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4 Responses to Wave to the NEW WaveRider17

  1. Greta

    I have been a Mizuno lover for years, and just switched from the Wave Inspires (stability shoe) to the Wave Rider, as I’m trying the switch to a neutral shoe (I feel as though my running has gotten more efficient as I’ve gotten faster over the past year or two), so I’m excited to see how it goes. And like you, I realized that I’d put more than 550 miles on shoes before I remembered to get another pair (whoops) I’ve always loved Mizunos for how firm and responsive they are under my feet. I just added the Mushas –not too different from the Sayonaras– to my collection in the past year for races 13.1 or shorter, and love them too. Enjoy your new shoes and have fun with the marathon training :)

  2. Jan D

    I’ve been running on Wave River 14 for about a year and really liked them. Part of why I liked them was they were fairly soft in the forefoot, and they come in 2EE wide sizes. In the past they were described as having “maximum cushioning” and a soft forefoot. My knees have really needed a lot of cushioning. I actually use three shock absorbing insoles in my shoes to reduce shock to the knees. With the combination of the old Wave River 14 and three shock reducing insoles, I never have any knee pain anymore.
    However, I see Mizuno has changed the style and shape of the sole. RunningWarehouse now describes the sole as only “moderate cushioning” with a semi-firm ride. I decided just two days ago that I can’t replace my old Wave Rider 14′s with these new 17′s because they are likely much more firm – and probably won’t reduce shock as much as I’d like. Unfortunately, it appears Mizuno has moved away from shoes providing maximum cushioning. I got a pair of New Balance just a few days ago. I’m sad to see my Mizuno’s go.

  3. I’ve heard nothing but goods things from all the people I follow that have reviewed this shoe. I’m already a big Mizuno fan so I may have to try these out. I’m not psyched about my last Wave Inpires that I bought in September because of some issues I’ve been having that I never had in the previous two incarnations that I wore (all 3 shoes were Wave Inspire 9′s, but only had issue with my current pair).

  4. I’ve been running it up in the 15ths, but I’m hoping these 17s will ace and replace and the older model I got.

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