MCM 10K & LGF (Super Oats) GIVEAWAY

There has been quite a bit of running going on here lately. What do we runners do? Eat to run. Today we do a little bit of both.


It felt a little odd to be out of the marathon loop throughout the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) weekend, but I know this was a great step back for me. The first time I had anything to do with MCM was in 2009; as I rode the Metro and pinned on my 10K bib, I felt simultaneously in awe of and daunted by the fact that most of the runners around me were about to run an additional twenty  miles. I mean, WHAT? What would that even feel like? How nervous were they? Did they think I had it easy? Because I sure did.

And this year, after two back-to-back MCM finishes, I know how both sides feel. When I was trained and ready, I wouldn’t have traded a single thing to finish all 26.2 miles on those days. When I signed up for Sunday’s 10K option, it would have taken a LOT of convincing to go beyond the 6.2 miles I had on deck.

Every MCM race (10K & 26.2’s) has been a PR for me.
Those are big shoes to fill.

When we lined up on the mall and “only” had to run by the Capitol, over THE bridge (oh.that.bridge), quickly through Crystal City & right on the highway to Iwo Jima, I felt grateful for this 6.2 mile way to still be a part of this race. Happy to be in this city, on this {perfectly sunny} day, with (so many of) these runners and marines. As always, nicely done, MCM.

MCM13_Washington monumentMCM13_Capital Sunrise

GOOD MORNING, DC. You’re a beauty.


Kate & I lined up with the expected “40-49:xx” finish group, which felt a little too close to the very front. The only other option was sub 39:59, so, go with it? We did. We got started with a 7:20 min/mile and kept it right there. I raced in my Mizuno Wave-Sayonaras for the first time; my calves are still on fire but during the run these gals felt great.

We stayed together the whole race, joined by a familiar pacer at mile 4.5 who initially ran with us, until he ran just a few steps ahead. Chase you? Well alright, FINE. The last two miles were our fastest, with or without energy to thank him for it. “RUN UP THAT HILL!” Aye aye, Captain!


In true MCM fashion, I have a new PR for the books (4-for-4!).

Marine Corps Marathon 10K – 2013
45:32 – avg. 7:19 min/mile

Overall: 191  of   7,605
AG (25-29F): 18  of   905
Division (F): 44  of   4,761

MCM13_10K finishers
MCM13_10K group1

Next year’s race is a lottery; I’ll be throwing all of my cards in for that one.


Until then, it’s time to FUEL UP! With LOVE? Yes, of course.

My favorite foodie friends at LOVE GROWN FOODS are hosting a giveaway while announcing their newest LOVE fuel: Super Oats! These are a dream.

What makes the oats SUPER? They contain gluten-free oats, chia seeds, quinoa and amaranth. If you want to up the ante, go with the Nuts & Seeds option.

What makes the Love Grown Foods team Super?
As usual, they’re sharing the love with YOU, too:


FINE PRINT: Must live in the United States to participate.

Hot Oats and Super Oats are available in The Fresh Market, Kroger, City Market, King Soopers, QFC, Fred Meyer, Dillons, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Sprouts, and select regions of Whole Foods.

ENTER TO WIN: 2 bags of SUPER OATS (one of each flavor), 1 bag of Oat Clusters granola (flavor of your choice), and 4 Hot Oats Cups (1 of each flavor)!

…Follow the LOVE  @LoveGrownFoods on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter!

BONUS OPS:  #fueledbyLOVE | #SuperOats | #HotOats | #OatClusters | #LoveGrownFoods | #LOVEgiveaway

HOW: leave a comment with your LOVE flavor-of-choice, and/or a goal you’re working on this fall (running or otherwise)! (Open until Thursday 10/31.)

Winner will be announced FRIDAY, November 1.


Congrats to all of the MCM 2013 finishers! You make it one of my favorite days in DC, every year.


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37 Responses to MCM 10K & LGF (Super Oats) GIVEAWAY

  1. Have been wanting to try the LGF Super Oats because I love chia! Congrats on another GREAT race, Heather! You’re amazing. I wanted to let you know – I ran a half this weekend and thought of your lesson from the RW Half – it’ll hurt just as much if I go slower. And I set a 5 second PR! So thanks for the lesson, AND the sweet email you sent! Really appreciate it :).

  2. Amy S.

    My goal this fall is upping my mileage. My farthest distance I have raced/run is a 10K but I registered for the Yellowstone Half Marathon in June 2014 so I am looking forward to training for that. :)

  3. You are speedy! LOL on not wanting/needing to run 20 more miles after the 10K.

    I love Love Grown! I got a sample at Fitsocial and still am looking for it in stores! I am following Love Grown on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

    Right now I am preparing for the new 12K in Alexandria on November 17.

  4. I want to try the blueberry oats! They all look really good though!

  5. I follow the love on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

  6. I’d love to try the superoats! I’m working on building mileage right now, as I hope to do a marathon in the spring. Congrats on the PR!!

  7. Melissa

    The flavors all sound really good, but I’d most love to try the Strawberry Raspberry.

  8. Natalie P.

    I would love to try the simply oats oat clusters flavor and the apple cinnamon hot oats flavor!!!! My goal was to complete my first two half marathons in October and I did that just this past Sunday!

  9. Nicole F.

    Congrats on your PR! And I am all about the super oats, awesome giveaway! I love that they are unsweetened so I can customize based on what I’m feeling fruit-wise that morning or enjoy as is.

  10. Nicole F.

    I also already follow them on Instagram, Twitter and FB. Lots of #lovegrownlove : )

  11. Colleen

    Great job on another PR. I would love to try the blueberry oats. I am training for a 1/2 marathon next weekend.

  12. Kat

    Congrats on a SUPER SPEEDY race lady!! I’m doing my FIRST EVER 10K in 2 weeks and I’m getting really nervous! Maybe I just need some LGF super oats to fuel me? They look delicious!

  13. Jeffrey

    Let me start of by saying “My name is Jeff and I am a Cocoa Goodness ADDICT!”.
    I have my first Ultra -Marathon is less than 4 weeks, this training schedule is just falling short of killing me! I have one more long run left and than its time to taper. I fuel my body every morning with Quaker old fashioned oats but would love to try Love Grown’s Super Oats, maybe they’ll help me recover and/or take me to the next level.

  14. Alexandra

    I’d love to try the Simply Oats! I’ve never tried any Love Grown products and I KNOW I am missing out!

  15. Alexandra

    Already follow in instagram and FB!

  16. Lesli

    I just finished my 3rd half marathon (PR at 1:38:03!), so my goal for now is to start incorporating more strength training back into my running routine :)

  17. Lesli

    I follow on Twitter!

  18. Candy

    I would love to try the Chocolate clusters! I love chocolate.
    My goal is still to continue to maintain health and strength. Oh, and I still want my abs to pop out. :)

  19. Elizabeth Finfgeld

    I’ve been a steadfast fan of Love Grown’s conventional granola but I haven’t yet tried the Super Oats Nuts & Seeds, which really appeals to me. Plus the blueberry oatmeal — definitely at the top of my nom-nom list.

    The major goal I’m working on this autumn is purposely going out of my way to walk everywhere and anywhere I can, which includes making things “out of reach” inside my home. The more steps I have to take, the better. I do believe that every little bit ramps up my fitness, so hey…why not?

  20. Meredith

    I’m a huge fan Love’s raisin almond crunch granola and I’ve been dying to try their hot oats but I can’t seem to find them anywhere! The super oats look awesome, definitely sounds like a bowl would fuel me through my morning and/or workout! p.s. I follow Love on twitter and facebook!

  21. Greta

    I’d love to try those LOVE peach-almond vanilla oats– I have so much fun with the oatmeal concoctions I make at home.

    As far as my fall goal goes– I’d be happy with a sub-3:25 at the Philly Marathon , and would be over the moon if I got closer to 3:20…. PR stands at 3:30 from last year’s Philly Marathon. I’m a DC runner though and was also out at MCM cheering people on and pacing. I’ve been a lurker on your blog for a while and I think this is my first time commenting, so hello, and thank you for your fantastic blog! I enjoy it :)

  22. Eileen Boyle

    I would love to try all the flavors. I am just getting back into running after time off from an injury.

  23. Ann Paquette-Lukens

    I already follow @LoveGrownFoods on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! I love all their products and can’t choose a favorite! My goal is to do more yoga.

  24. tara pittman

    favorite love is cranberry pecan

  25. I’d love to try the apple cinnamon!!!

    Goal: cook NEW recipes for my hubby :)

  26. I would love to try the Oat Clusters!

  27. I follow the LOVE on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (@BarrAndTable)

  28. I’d LOVE to try the nuts and seeds super oats! I’ve also been contemplating doing a 10K race. The most I’ve done is 5K!

    Congrats on your awesome time!

  29. lindsay

    i would love to try any of the oats … and i’m trying to work on being more consistent and following a cross fit schedule.

  30. I’m SUPER eager to try either of the SUPERoats! After reading the ingredients, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that they won’t supply me with the necessary energy/strength to go about my daily activities!

  31. Debra Lee

    I follow the love all four ways!

  32. Debra Lee

    I am hoping this will help me on my healthy weight loss journey!

  33. Debbie Welchert

    I follow you on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

  34. Debbie Welchert

    I would love to try the strawberry.

  35. I am a follower of lovegrownfoods!! I am also a new reader of your blog! Congrats on your awesome MCM time!! I ran the MCM Marathon and it was such an amazing experience; one that I will never forget! Congrats to you!

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