In Case You’re Wondering…III

These things are filling (and/or blowing) my mind for the week….


Avocadoes are a fruit…actually, A BERRY – and other reasons to love on this glorious green beauty.



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Standing at my desk is the norm – moving more frequently to do squats,
say hi to a coworker or maybe just shrug my shoulders? That’s happening.


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Boston is back in the news! Can. Not. Wait for this to open up….fingers-crossed I’ll be one of the 36,000 runners in 2014.


Kale salad_journey kitchen

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Kale salad, version #1001 – a la the Journey Kitchen, mangos and a lemon mint dressing. Yes, I’ll have some of THAT goodness.


live simply

Philosophize (it’s a word), prioritize and de-clutterhere’s how & why.


And while you’re prioritizing, put a Runner’s World style Race-weekend on the agenda (shameless plug – but really, who doesn’t have “RUN WITH RUNNER’S WORLD” on a bucket-list somewhere?):

RW heatherdcRD codes


And while you’re living simply, enjoy this long holiday (US) weekend!


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2 Responses to In Case You’re Wondering…III

  1. MIND BLOWN! I had no idea an avocado was a BERRY. Weird. Also – excited about Boston! I wish I could be there this year, but our travel plans mean I’m going to have to pass (which seems like total sacrilege). Hopefully me not trying to sign up gives you a spot!

  2. joslynn

    Yay!!! I hope you get into Boston with ease! I will be back for 2014!!! CANNOT WAIT!

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