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This year has been more about satisfying my wanderlust vs. adding to my PR list. It was time to give my mind and legs a little break from the grind. After three straight years of being in all-out marathon-mode from August – October, I wondered what a DC summer might be like when I’m not obsessively stalking humidity levels, desperately rehydrating with Nuun or mapping out 20+ milers around the Mall.

From what I’ve gathered, the no-marathon summer looks more like this:

Hilton Head Beach headstands 2
Kayak 7.25Paradise Winery 2

And these summers fly by when there’s no training plan deciding your weekends! Fall is fast approaching, and when I got a note about joining the Runners World Half & Festival, my first thought was “FINALLY! I. can. run. this.” (i.e. I don’t have anything else on my agenda).

But why just “run”? Why not go all out? 2013’s attitude checked in.

So, for my next trick….

RW Festival_home
RW Hat Trick_2013
RW Festival_home

I have no races on the schedule yet, so why not cram three of them into one weekend? And why not do them with the Runners World team?!


If you want to join, RW is happy to help! Use these discount codes to register and come join the party. The more the merrier!

RW_Discount Codes

Photo credit: LehighValleyLive.com

Alright, time to talk: who has done a double-race weekend before? Two races in a day? Spread your knowledge, stories, brags, lessons-learned, I’ll-never-do-that-agains!

And more importantly, who wants to join in?


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7 Responses to Up Next: THE Runners World Festival

  1. Ah! This looks SO fun! When I first started seeing it on blogs, I thought “oh wow, that would be awesome, but there’s no way logistically I could make it happen” … But now I’m kinda sorta actually considering it! Multiple races in a weekend has been a long time goal for me!

  2. It’s definitely important to find that balance between training and life (and wanderlusting!) Girl, that hat trick sounds crazy but there’s nothing like a unique experience to reinvigorate your training and get you pumped up!

  3. Lauren

    OMG I want to do this so bad with you!! Unfortunately, unlike you I DO have things on my agenda. :( I used my days off for October for vegasss. I’ll be in Vegas the weekend before this! Sad day!

  4. Mike

    You’re crazy! Probably will need a massage after all of that!

  5. I am unbelievably, 800,000,000% excited that I’m finally going to get to meet YOU! (Is that creepy? Yes? No? But seriously.)

  6. i would love to do this! sounds so fun. good luck!

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