One Thing a Day: Teaching Yoga

If I had to pick one quote that has completely transformed the way I think, approach situations and make decisions, it would undoubtedly be this:


Eleanor & Chip are onto something…

If it doesn’t scare you, it doesn’t change you. If it’s not challenging, you’re not growing. If you’re never willing to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know what you’re missing!

Am I certified to teach yoga? Not yet. But when the door opens…

Thanks to a few Twitter interactions, Alana got in touch with me last week in regards to leading her & a crew of “Socialites” for a 5k morning run this week. All 20 Socialites were traveling to DC for two full days of training, so why not start the day off with some movement*? I’ve done things like this before for conferences downtown, and of course I  was in!

I mapped out our route, ran it once with Kate before we started (yep, all roads are clear and sidewalks are safe: check!). Starting at 7am, we ran with an impressively energetic crew of 11.

DoubleTre 5K run Group

Thanks to Kate & Elyse (far right) for joining!

Alana also thought it would be great to do a yoga class Thursday morning. I reached out to some local yoga teachers with no luck (short-notice, early morning, Pentagon City, etc.). We did have a yoga-mat donation from lululemon Georgetown, so there was that.

Would I be willing to teach it? Well, YES, but, um, I’m not certified…I have no formal training to do so…again, I am not certified to teach yoga!

But, could/would I?


do those things quote

With my fresh mats from lululemon (Georgetown store, I heart you!), a beginner-friendly sequence typed up straight from my head and a successful practice class done (thanks to my roommates!), it was all-systems-GO.

DoubleTree Yoga Mats

I wasn’t nervous, and everything about it felt like I had done it before. Come to a comfortable seat at the top of your mat, place your palms open on top of your knees and close your eyes. Relax. And enjoy the next 45 minutes!

DoubleTree Yoga Class


I know there is a “formal training” in my near future – once my budget agrees with it – but in the meantime, this box is checked and waiting for more! I would teach anytime, anywhere, for anyone. I would actually really love to teach something advanced – to challenge people and bring them out of those boxes – but beginners are refreshing. We were all on the same page!

Thanks to the DT-Socialites for practicing with me!


*If you’re going to a conference or training, request some sponsored workouts! Get moving before your day starts & rope in your crew – it’s a great way to meet people there with you and a great way to see the city you’re in. I’m taking on more opportunities to do this in DC & find it to be right in line with our WCS healthy-on-the-job mission.


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7 Responses to One Thing a Day: Teaching Yoga

  1. Sounds like your yoga class was a success! I’m actually 90% sure that I’m going to go through yoga teacher training starting in a few months, so it’s nice to read a post from someone who wants to teach but doesn’t have formal training yet, but was still able to lead a class. Running and yoga go so well together, especially post-run yoga, so it’s nice that you were able to make that happen for your visitors. :)

  2. joslynn

    That is so great to hear about the class. Awesome work. I am impressed with the mat donation!! You are doing great things lady! Keep it up!

  3. You’re a dietitian, you love running and yoga (I hope to become an instructor one day too) I wish you lived in Kelowna so we could be friends! Just discovered your blog through the network- I love it!

  4. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog

    Such an awesome concept! I’d love to see more sponsored workouts at work events or even just in the office. I’ve always thought teaching yoga would be rewarding and a fun thing to do. Kudos to you for stepping up and conquering the challenge.

  5. Nice work on taking the challenge, Heather. And who doesn’t love a new yoga mat? I would LOVE to be yoga certified. But I just don’t think it makes sense right now as it would be more of a side thing and not my full time job.

  6. I wish I could have been there for that! Very proud of you! It’s harder than you think but you grabbed it by the horns.


  7. Heather, thank you so much for sharing this quote. It really touched me.

    I think we all realize that we need to step out of our comfort zone in order to grow. The problem is that we forget about it. Or maybe we don’t actually forget, we are just so comfortable there.

    I am guilty of this, just as much as everyone else. I keep thinking that I am going to be more courageous and I am going to try something new.

    Most of the time I do follow through, but sometimes it is just so easy to stay where it is comfortable.

    I wrote this one a note card and pinned it to my cork board. It is now staring back at me and reminding me every day that it is okay to be scared but to try it anyways.

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