SCAN 2013: Creating Healthy Corporate Cultures

This past weekend I traveled to Chicago with a group of coworkers to present at the 29th annual SCAN (Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group) Symposium. We hopped on our western-bound plane early Friday morning to get in a full weekend of the conference, and Chicago played along nicely by greeting us with this:

chicago run waterfront

Sidenote: the past two times I’ve been to the windy city have involved presenting + conferences. One of these days it will be all play, no work!

The backstory: we attended the annual SCAN Symposium in Baltimore last year and sat in on a presentation about various certifications available for registered dietitians (RDs) interested in Wellness. Juliet, our Senior VP and Co-Founder, asked a few questions and spoke from experience. Then the mic was handed over to her – a lot of people had a lot of questions for us!

It was clearly time to put together a proposal, a presentation and a way to share our expertise with the SCAN group.

Corporate Wellness Prezi Homepage

Our timing couldn’t have been better: the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will soon change things in the Corporate Wellness world, and our company has continued to grow exponentially in response to the increasing desire for healthier office cultures.

We shared our Ground Zero – to – Business story, the changes coming with ACA in 2014, and the way we tackle corporate culture creating as program managers, coaches and health educators.

SCAN presenting group

We met some amazing RDs looking to enter the world of screening events, health education and wellness coaching, which was the idea! If you’re looking to join a corporate wellness network, or to team up with us in creating a healthier workplace at your office, send us a note!


Presenting and work-things aside, we picked a GREAT weekend to explore the Windy City. I joined fellow Ambassador Dave at his Chicago run club on Saturday morning for a 75-minute adventure along the water, and we got plenty of extra steps in exploring all of the other touristy things:

chicago cloud gate 2chicago cloud glate

runluluchi_long_runchicago navy pierJohn Hancock tower

Chicago handed us all spades – it was a gorgeous weekend to be there, explore, join a lululemon run (thanks, Dave!) & present with some of my favorite wellness people!


What’s your take on Corporate Wellness? What do you want to know about the world of healthy office cultures?


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5 Responses to SCAN 2013: Creating Healthy Corporate Cultures

  1. I guess I never really paid attention to the health level of office environments until I started working in one. It’s unbelievably hard sitting at a desk all day. I have friends who’s offices have gyms/showers for them on site so they can work out on lunch if they want. I really wish I had that. I also wish I had the option of a stand-up desk. Sitting all day KILLS my legs, by the time I get home from the office, my legs are cramped and makes running feel crappier the first few miles.

    In a month I am heading to my company’s headquarters for a few days and I am curious to see if they have some healthy/fitness things going on at the office.

  2. Thanks for writing this post, Heather. It’s always interesting hearing about your job and your insight on corporate wellness. It’s a topic that really interests me because I just believe it’s so important. I’d love if my company would make some healthier changes in the office – sitting all day is so rough!

    p.s. – glad you got a beautiful weekend in Chicago. We’re back to chilly temps and rain this weekend.

  3. I was in Chicago earlier last week and it was cold and rainy! We do have a free gym a work (an amenity of our building, not my company) but otherwise our office culture is pretty unhealthy with tons of crappy food for not-so-special events, meetings, etc.

  4. Sounds really interesting :) and it’s always good to hear about your travels too. Chicago is awesome, haven’t been for a few years but really enjoyed it :)

  5. Nothing better than following your passion for a living – you never work a day in your life.

    You really are practicing what you preach. Very proud of you, Heather!

    Makes me think of the Outside Mag’s 50 best companies to work for, that they post annually.

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