Ex2 Adventure’s Backyard Burn: Trail Racing in Wakefield Park

When we signed up for this race it just flat out did not occur to me to consider the difference between 10 miles on the road vs. the trail. If I have an option of running a 5-mile vs 10-mile race and no “good” reason to not do the latter? I choose 10!

       Backyard Burn Wakefield bib

We totally lucked out with what was deemed the “flattest” course of this Backyard Burn Trail Race Series (5 total). It also seems to have been the least technical, only including “a few shallow stream crossings” and a lot of twisty, windy, up-and-down sections. But, nothing so steep that we had to walk and nothing so deep we had to sacrifice our non-trail running shoes.  Win!

BackyardBurn Wakefield group

We arrived expecting a 60-degree day, but were greeted by a 28-degree morning. Layers = on! It was very well organized; our race-brief began promptly at 8:50 in the parking lot, and we promptly started by lining up in the street and…going!

BackyardBurn Wakefield start

Photo credit: Anne @ Fannetastic Food

The first mile had a few paved parts and a lot of wide spaces – plenty of time and room to make some passes, settle into a pace and get your feet ready to dodge, weave and stream-hop!

BackyardBurn Wakefield stream

Photo credit: Anne @ Fannetastic Food

Kate, Jill & I took it pretty easy and settled into a line. The course was a 1 mile start followed by a 4.5 mile loop that us 10-milers would do twice:

Round 1 was a lot of head-down, don’t-fall, conserve-some-energy running! When we closed in on the Finish Line and were directed toward Round 2, it was go-time.

I settled into the front of our line and took advantage of the space ahead. Knowing what to expect on a trail makes a big difference! It had warmed up enough that I shed a layer, and we had sped up enough that our second loop was an average 1-min/mile faster than the first.

There was one steep up-hill section within the last 1.5 miles that stole any energy I might have held onto. Lesson learned: don’t sprint up those. The last 0.5 mile was flat, open, leave-it-all-out-there terrain. I chased Kate across the Finish line….

1: 25: 55 – 10 trail miles – 8:35 min/mile

…immediately thought I might vomit, and then thought I am definitely doing another one of those.

Aside from dirt, climbs, streams and rock-hopping, the main difference between a road vs. trail race is this:

BackyardBurn Wakefield food

Food swag!


Color us muddy & impressed – we had a great time! It was a small group of 400 runners that very graciously spent some time in close quarters on the trails of Wakefield Park, VA. I’ll definitely be back for another run in the woods!


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13 Responses to Ex2 Adventure’s Backyard Burn: Trail Racing in Wakefield Park

  1. So fun! I can’t wait to do another.

  2. I really want to do a trail race, but your food swag wants me to do one even more. Food swag>normal swag

  3. Look at all that delicious food swag!!! Nice!!!!!!!

    Glad you ladies had fun and kicked butt!

  4. Looks like a great time. I have only done a few trail races over the years, they are fun but I am so much of a clutz! I am always so nervous about injuring myself and not being able to do my real love of road races.

  5. This looks like so much fun. There’s no way I could do it in my current shape but I plan to do something like this when I hit my target weight :)

  6. I have a 10mile trail race coming up on the 30th… they’re tough, but so fun! Great job on yours!

  7. This is awesome! always wanted to do a trail race. Glad you’re already mixing it up this year.

    Muddy, the color of hard work!

  8. Woo hoo trail running! Congrats on a speedy finish! I ran my first trail half last spring and the big take away was “Trail half = WAYY harder than road half”. They are a ton of fun though – and the food swag cannot be beat! The trail race series I did last year here is run by a husband/wife ultraendurance duo and they always have a great spread – including their “famous” homemade chocolate chip pumkin bread!

  9. “…immediately thought I might vomit, and then thought I am definitely doing another one of those.”

    I love it. That’s the best way to end a race! Glad you had such a positive experience — you’ve inspired me to try some trail running!

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