Friday Four: New Eats (Larabar & Chobani), Step Feats & Trails

I tried to come up with a synonym for running, racing or hiking that rhymed with “eat”: mission impossible.


With a handful of new-to-me things in this corner of the world, it’s time to group a few of them together & share with you. Because it’s Friday. Welcome to the end of the week, where brains function at 50% and {our trail-racing} minds are looking at the “63*, Sunny” forecast ahead, internally singing repetitive rejoices!

Let’s start by grabbing a bar & a spoon:

1) NEW: LARABAR – ALT (Protein bar)

Larabar ALT Bars

I’ve heard talks of this bar but had yet to see it on the shelves! I am a huge fan of the regular ol’ LB – and even worked with them for a while back in 2010 – but a lot of bar-eating clients seem to focus on that comparatively-low protein content.

C’mon, they taste great and they’re only made from nuts, fruit and spices and in theory you could make your own in your kitchen!

While I think added-protein is a bonus but not a necessity, it seems I’m an outlier. These bars use plant-based protein powders to up the ante and join the ranks of companies that cater to vegan/vegetarian-friendly high-protein food options. Nicely done, LB!

2) NEW: Chobani Bits & Bites

Chobani_New products

More on this Chobani love to come;this team has clearly been hard at work to bring out some new options for greek yogurt-lovers! You know I’m not much of a dairy eater these days, but I still admire these CHOlks and am pretty impressed by the all the creativity here. Flips, bites, champions and new flavors? They’re changing the yogurt game, here.

Specifically, they’re wooing us with  CHOcolate, and I’m intrigued:

CHOcolate bites_chobaniChobani coffee_chocolate


3) STEP it UP: Wellness Corporate SolutionsFitbit Challenge

We’re 5 weeks into our steps challenge at work (WCS) and it’s getting competitive. I battle these two gals every week, usually having to accept that no matter how many times I walk or run in circles around NW DC, they will beat me.

Then, I had this moment:

Step updates_Fitbit challenge

One down, one to go! (JP is probably relentlessly stepping all around NYC as I type this.)

An update on this steps-challenge to come, but trust me when I say that we’ve all done some crazy things to get “more steps!” in. Incentives and friendly competition go a long way with corporate fitness.

4) Backyard Burn: Trail Racing, Round 1

backyard burn spring series
Photo credit: flickr user Swim Bike Run Photography.

The race-season has officially kicked off, but for this round we’re ready to switch gears! At the recommendation of my friend/fellow local-race-junkie Rebecca, a carful of runners have agreed to join me in the hills of Virginia on Sunday.

I signed on for the 10-mile option. There might be an ounce of in-over-our-heads and a dose of humility to come with this – all in the name of good, muddy running adventures!


What’s new to you this Friday?


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7 Responses to Friday Four: New Eats (Larabar & Chobani), Step Feats & Trails

  1. I’m doing that race on Sunday too!

  2. Oooooooo Imma have to seek out these ALT bars. Speaking of food and running, I keep forgetting to get with you about post-long-run eating. I don’t want to, Spike makes me, there has to be some kind of compromise right?!?!? :)

    Good luck this weekend!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Oh and a small bit of trail advice: never look back, without fail that will be the moment you trip.

  3. Woohoo! Enjoy your time on the trails! Gotta love nature’s stair stepper.

    This week I tried two new to me Chobani flavors – lemon and mango as they were on sale for 99 cents at the store. I decided that next time I make lemon cookies I’m going to use the lemon Chobani and try to make a healthy, delicious cookie with no butter. Fun little experiment.

    I’ve been making some healthy “cookies” from Tone It Up girls website that basically are made of banana, coconut, oats and whatever else you want to add. Nice little bit of sweetness without a ton of sugar and butter.

    I’m heading to the mountain tomorrow with my bro for a little skiing. Should be fun!

  4. i’m doing a 15k trail run! love it! and the new ALT must be awesome, need to try.
    Chobani just keeps getting better and better.

  5. Have so much fun at the race – sounds like an amazing way to spend a sunny Sunday. Can’t wait to read the full report. I’d love to try something like that this spring/summer. G’luck!

  6. OK things that I like about this post…. everything new! Hello new Lara bars, and wowza Chobani.

    Trail runs, nothing feels better.

    Love this! Can’t wait for the race recap rock star.

  7. It was a great day to run. I was running the same day but I did not notice you there. I was most likely eating your dust ha ha. Was a great race all round. Bring on the next one!

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