Run: The Track! (Starter Workout)

We took our usual Tuesday night lululemon Georgetown crew on a different adventure this week; they obliged. Conveniently one mile away from our starting point rests an under-the-radar track, just waiting for us! It may not be lit up at night, but soon enough our friend DST will jump in and fix that.

I haven’t run ovals around a track in…um…a really long time. The last I remember actually being there was during my 2011 MCM training. Oops. Luckily Coach Melani had this workout in mind, which is perfect for track-workout newbies and those of us who have gotten unreasonably lazy with speed-work. It’s not too much or too difficult, but if you pace yourself to have a little bit of juice left, that last 200m interval is perfect for a real all-out sprint.

georgetown track workout

Original photo credit: Athletic Minded Traveler.

The Starter’s Workout:

Plyometric warm-ups & stretching (knee-highs, butt-kicks, etc.)
200m | 400m | 800m | 400m | 200m
Run 200m rests in-between (no total rest or walking).

Her suggestion was to run this at level 3 – 3.5, on a scale of 1 – 5.
(“1” being conversational and easy, “5” being Don’t say a word to me I can barely breathe!)

The result:

Nicely jello’d legs that are learning how to move quickly again! It’s a good burn.


What’s your track workout of choice? I liked this one because it kept my mind entertained, vs. the usual 800, 800, 800, 800, etc. It also seemed much more manageable – thanks to the variety – against some that I’ve done in the past. Win, win!


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2 Responses to Run: The Track! (Starter Workout)

  1. Jason

    One of my worst memories from soccer tryouts in high school was the dreaded “San Diego” on the track. It started with 58 seconds of jogging followed by 2 seconds of all-out sprinting. Then, 2 seconds were taken from the jogging portion and added to the sprinting portion (i.e. 56 seconds of jogging and 4 seconds of sprinting, 54 seconds of jogging and 6 seconds of sprinting, …..) until we ended with 58 seconds of sprinting and 2 seconds of jogging. Needless to say, the 15 minute period after the 30-30 split was terrible.

  2. Lauren

    Ohhh track workouts. We used to do ladders all the time in track. I loved them! Much better than 400 day (sprinting 12 400’s with 30 sec rest in between). Mid-distance ladders were usually 200,300,400,800,800, 400, 300, 200. Kinda makes me want to try it again! Kinda not…

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