Bright Beginnings 5K: Racing Against 2009

It’s hard for any race-runner to turn down a “cheap” 5K; we may love-hate the distance, but when that event pops up fitting perfectly into your calendar, and the price tag is reasonable?  “Register” is clicked without even a pause of hesitation!

Duh, of course I’m in…

The 5K test is no easy “fill in the C bubbles” jog – it’s ready to really make you think about what’s worth 20(+/-) minutes of your run!

Bright Beginnings 5K

It was the typical why-isn’t-winter-over-yet chilly in the morning; we noticed a 5* temperature drop as we walked down toward the water. This is only okay for the first race of the year, so we don’t complain too much. This is also okay because the race is small enough that we can show up at 7:30am for packet pick-up, bag-check, warm-up and to still have a few minutes to spare before an 8am start! Good stuff.

Washington Monument Sunrise 3.2.13

I-phone pic, en route to the starting line. Good morning, DC!

One crew member had a sub-20 goal in mind, while the rest of us had no goal and were already thinking about coffee & putting our jackets back on. Then once we actually started running, that thought pops up that maybe this would be good to actually race. It is totally flat…and the legs aren’t sore or over-tired or complaining…and Kate’s making me run faster…and, ah. GO FOR IT.

My 5K “PR” was so over itself – 2009 was a long time ago, legs. Get on it!

The course was a PR-perfect flat out and back. Boring? Of course. Doable for 3.1 miles? Absolutely. I wanted to just race against myself – I had no watch on, but the mile one marker shout-out was “6:48”, followed by “13:45” at mile two. Feeling thankful that my brain only had to do one mile of math, I realized that as long as I chased Hiller for another mile me and that shiny new PR would be all set!

I instantly felt the need to vomit when I crossed the finish line: success!

21:37 – avg 6:58 min/mile

And just like that, 2013 is off & running…


Thanks to the Washington DC Junior League for a well-run, organized, charitable and fun race!


What personal best are you looking to challenge this year? How so?


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10 Responses to Bright Beginnings 5K: Racing Against 2009

  1. Nice work. Glad you kicked off 2013 on the right foot

  2. Congrats on the PR! I don’t see how there could be a boring running route in DC… all of your pictures are always gorgeous!

  3. I don’t think there’s any better feeling than starting off your race season with a PR! Congrats!!!

  4. did everyone in DC run this race? :) congrats on the shiny, new PR….how long until you bust through it?

  5. Wasting no time PR-ing in 2013!! Beautiful race recap. DC is special.

  6. Nice job on the PR. I don’t really do 5Ks. My unofficial “rule” for races is that the price of the race in dollars should be less than the minutes the distance will take me to cover. This tends to leave 5Ks out. It would be good to sign up for one and really push my limits rather than having to play the “rein yourself in at the start” game!

  7. Mamacita

    Good job Heather!!!
    Love you!! Mamacita

  8. Lauren

    Daaaaang!! You so FAST! Good job!

  9. Great job, Heather!
    I was hoping to shave some seconds off my last 5K race (June 2012) with today’s race in Frederick, MD: Break Away 5K (charity race to bring awareness to domestic violence), but ended up adding almost 2 minutes!! But I had a lot of fun and plan on achieving my PR in 2013 with many more 5Ks!

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