Friday Five: Thinks & Links

Every week seems to end with a long list of bookmarked pages, articles and blog posts that I really want to remember, to go back to, to absorb. Some weeks I think if I went back to school there would still be enough information to fill another four years, and I will enroll in a heartbeat!

Some weeks I just decide to share them with you, too.


This week…

I think there is more to know about Saturated Fat, where the recommendations came from and why we’re so terrified of it. I think – strongly believe – there is a difference in saturated plant fats vs. animal. I wonder about the “Saturated fat is always bad” mantra.

Friday read: 8 Reasons Not to Fear Saturated Fat
(Not saying I agree with this 100%, but I appreciate the sources listed.)


I think DC has decided to stick with this windy semi-winter, not giving us snow but instead plenty of gusts, rain and cloudy days.  I think my skin has noticed, too.

Friday read: 4 Essential Oils for Natural Winter Skin Care
(Does anyone actually know where things like “Sandalwood” are sold?!)


I think junk food might finally be on the way out the door. Sure, it could take decades before we can slam that door behind it, but we don’t mind screaming until that happens.

Friday read: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food
Insanely long; cancel your plans, grab a comfy couch and soak this in.


I think I’d rather make progress.

making excuses

No matter how much time that takes.


I think these posts are invaluable – entertaining blogs, amazing videos and hilarious tweets, all in one….

Friday Read: Stuff {Dooce} F0und While Looking Around
Let’s end on a mindless note – it is Friday, after all.


What are you thinking?


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5 Responses to Friday Five: Thinks & Links

  1. I love that graphic about making excuses. It’s so right! I need to print that out!

  2. The article on Junk Food was so long but so incredibly interesting and eye opening

  3. Marie

    Hey there! Just stumbled across your lovely blog today. DoTerra actually sells THE BEST Sandalwood essential oil on the market!

  4. oh my gosh, i love all these! so true! and i get so irritated with the saturated fat info. SHEESH!

  5. That NY Times article was amazing, and yes incredibly long!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!

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