EPIC Yoga: Barres, Space & cOMMunity

If you’re a DC yogi and haven’t had an EPIC class yet, you’re missing out. I met Emma back in June at our old-school-style lululemon Ambassador camp, and have no idea how I managed to let almost 7 months slip by before finally joining her on the mat.

EPIC yoga Dupont DCEPIC yoga lobby

First, we’re gonna need to take a minute and admire this lobby.  You could probably skip the class thing and just hang out here for some peace, quiet, relaxation and who is the genius behind this place?! pondering.

It is gorgeous in here.

The whole place follows suit. This is easily one of the biggest studios in DC, and the space complete captures you and allows you to forget that just outside of those windows exists a bustling, loud, and jam-packed Connecticut Avenue.


There are actually three separate studiosBarre, Yoga/Misc. & Hot Yoga – combined by “community rooms” with a cozy fireplace and plenty of space to just hang around (maybe bring a book and camp out?).

EPIC yoga barre 1

Bottom two, photo source: Epicyogadc.com

THE PERKS: complimentary mats, towels & lockers! In Emma’s words, this keeps with the “full-service yoga vibe”.

In DC? This is a rare treat.


My first EPIC date: Anne & I joined Emma for some Barre-Yoga love.

This isn’t a norm in my routine, but I love the mix of ballet & yoga – this is what Emma does best, if anything she is a dancer through & through.

EPIC Barre yoga 2
emma saal EPIC barre yoga

Photo credit: Jonathan Thorpe | lululemon ambassador photographer

A ballerina I am not, but it was a test of balance, grace and committing to keeping a steady eye on Emma while trying to remember classic training from years ago. An hour later each muscle group was worked, a little shaky and a notch-up on the flexibility scale.

I quickly came back for a Sunday morning Community class*, joined by a room full of early-risers. It was a beginner-focused hour that allowed some room for experimenting (crow & headstand), relaxing and stretching.

EPIC yoga class 2

*This 11 a.m. Sunday morning class at EPIC will be the weekly (free) lululemon Logan Circle community class. Come join, February – May!


I have another 9 classes to use on my pass – a good excuse to try out some new-to-me yoga styles, a heated hour or two, and another dance with the barre. I am purely smitten with EPIC and would recommend it to yogis of any level in the District (or visiting!).

What’s your must-have list for a studio / gym? What studio would you send me to in your city? (Might as well get that traveling list started…)


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11 Responses to EPIC Yoga: Barres, Space & cOMMunity

  1. Sounds awesome! I will definitely have to check Epic out. I’ll try to make it to the Sunday lulu class.

  2. Yay! I <3 that place. Definitely my favorite studio in DC, I've decided!

  3. Oh wow, this studio looks sooooo inviting! I wonder if they have plans to open one in the Philly area?! My must-have for a yoga studio is cleanliness. Nothing makes my practice feel “off” than a dingy studio with hairballs floating around the floor.

  4. What a great studio! Wish I would have known about it when I visited DC last Fall. I’d love to try a barre class since I used to dance when I was younger. The studio (hot yoga) I’m currently going to offers cool towels during savasana and it’s amazing!

  5. Ohhh this sounds right up my alley! I sooo want to come to DC to try it sometime, hehe. Plus I’ve been wanting to visit the area anyway, so another reason to make it happen soon, right?

    PS that lobby is GORG!

  6. i have got to come visit you! these classes, wow! How very cool. Plus it would be cool to see you of course!

  7. I loved reading your recap of barre yoga and the early morning Sunday class – so sad I had to miss it. Epic is such a fun escape from the craziness of Dupont Circle. Love it! I’m itching to go back for the Red Sun Yoga class again…that one is another winner.

  8. Sweet downward dog. That place is amazefest. good place always makes it that much sweeter to go. Woah.

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  10. Mamacita

    I don’t think I would leave the lobby; what a beautiful studio.

    Love, Mamacita

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