From this Year, I want…

Before this “New Year!” concept is totally stale and January has sprinted right past all of us without warning, I’m looking at the remaining 354 days ahead and wondering what they’ll translate to.

When it’s 1/1/2014 and I think back, what will this year have meant?
What will it have taught me?
What one word will I want to associate with it?
How many times will I have thought, holy crap this year is flying by! ?

NM Road Abq 3

Starting with Day 1 – four hours spent driving on the open road (pictured above) – I knew only a few things to be true: I want to listen, travel & say that I’ve had something other than oatmeal for breakfast every day.

I want actions to come from discomfort (not safety) and experiences to be prioritized over everything else.

I want to meet people that teach me things; I want to teach what I know.

I want to do things that scream at me, not things that are mentally associated with should, safe or quiet.

goals we should do

Thanks to Maddy for this reminder.

I want to be just a little bit selfish, when it will lead me to experiences, lessons or days where I learn or challenge or do something totally new (to me).

I want to use the clip-in shoes on my bike without the 5-year-old in my head wondering how in the world I’ll stay up (keep.moving!) vs. land on the pavement. If I do land on the pavement, I hope I at least get a scar to show for it.

I want to run in places my feet have never been, not caring how fast or how far.

I want to carry a heavy backpack in a foreign country for at least a day. (I’m pretty sure the rules of adventurous travel read “no rolling suitcases”.)

I want to finish books; I want to meet characters (fictional or non-fictional) that represent the bad-asses of the world.

I want to cook with foods that shock the hell out of my taste-buds (for better or worse). At least they’ve been warned…

I want to do/indulge anything that elicits this reaction: that scares the hell outta me. Maybe not all of them at once, in this year, but at least start making a dent in the long list.

I want to remember this:

how you do anything
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What do you want from this week, month, season or year?


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13 Responses to From this Year, I want…

  1. And I WANT you to get ALL of this and then some out of 2013. LOVE your focus for the year — especially the part about being a little bit selfish and doing more things that scare you into new highs. You are awesome!

  2. These are all GREAT wants for the year! I think I want a few of the same ones.
    I love the part about clip in shoes- it can be applied to so much- if I fall, I want a good scar to show for it!

  3. I still can’t get behind clip in shoes, but I support you embracing them.

    Also, I, too, plan to carry a heavy backpack in a foreign country for a day…or several.

  4. Sounds like a fun year ahead of you! Yes, backpacks required for adventurous traveling. Plus, it helps to make it a workout and you have some great stories about how you had to walk for a few hours to find your hotel/hostel in the heat with your 25+ lb backpack on. Or the time you almost clock someone trying to put in on the top shelf of the train. 😉

  5. What a beautiful posts! Can’t wait to read your success stories in 2013!

  6. mmmmmm, I LOVE this viewpoint over resolutions. seriously. love.

  7. These are all great! Mine is ditch the fear and DO.

  8. I don’t think it’s selfish at all!

    and you have no idea how quickly the time seems to fly now.

    Great ideas to start out with a good new year perspective. Way better than some resolution:)

  9. chas

    I am always looking for a good running blog and your blog for the new year was inspirational and motivating! I appreciate your passion for life and I will be looking for future inspiration in your 2013 entries.

  10. Mamacita

    Goals sound better than resolutions and achieving goals is such a feeling of accomplishment. Enjoy the rock-climbing wall this weekend.

    Love, Mamacita

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