Durango Mountain Resort: Purgatory’s Slopes

We’re finally back to reality after 10 disconnected holiday days. 2012 went out with Southwestern style….

One of the best things about where I grew up is the town’s proximity to the Colorado border – something I didn’t appreciate until I left, and can’t get enough of now when I’m home.

hasta la vista
Photo source: sagebrushgis

Let’s just say it’s been years since I’ve been there with skis buckled to my feet* and this visit was long over-due. With my brother behind the wheel, sister sitting shot-gun and the two of us cramped in the back with skis, boards, boots & gear it was all-systems-GO.

CO Road 1 DMR Sis

*We occasionally visit in the summer, when it looks just a little bit different.

This resort is know to us “locals” and veterans as Purgatory – the name change won’t ever stick, no matter how many logos and signs they put up. The slopes hold true to their roots with names like “Paradise”, “Demon”, “El Diablo” and the restaurant deemed “Dante’s”.

DMR 1 DMR 3.1
DMR Lift group

{Top-right: yes I’m the only one out of the three of us who stuck with skis. The poles & forward facing motion is way better than falling on my ass sideways.}

We lucked out as the slopes had very recently been dusted with a few inches of fresh snow and the whole mountain (front and back) was open! We ventured to and from, up and down, for five hours in the perfect ski conditions (imo).

Sunny – 20-25* (up or down the mountain) – Fresh snow

DMR View 2

DMR View 1

Top: Front-side, mid-mountain restaurant “Powderhouse”
Bottom: Back-side, the view that stops you in your tracks

DMR ski 3 DMR Animas CityDMR ski 1

I’m far from being a top-notch skier, preferring to stick with steep blues and mogul-free zones, but it came back to me quickly. I like to go fast (hence the squat & “aero” pose…) and have my favorite runs that I’ll go down all day. I almost forgot how amazing it is to fly down a mountain with the Rockies all around you and a chair that smoothly takes you right back to the top over and over again.

DMR View 4

If you ever find yourself in NW New Mexico or SW Colorado, a stop in Durango is a must. If you have the desire to leave your fate to the mountains, Durango Mountain Resort (DMR) – ahem, Purgatory – is right there for you.


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10 Responses to Durango Mountain Resort: Purgatory’s Slopes

  1. These photos make it seem like so much fun.

    And then I remember that I’m a minor disaster on skis (and on a snowboard).

  2. I still don’t understand the name change. Oh well, glad you got back to CO for some fun! You guys will have to join us in Steamboat sometime. Definitely not close but well worth the drive!

  3. Lauren

    Such a FUN day!! I loved spending all that time with youuu. Remind me why we live so far apart?? :( Can’t wait to see you for Easter and HOPEFULLY we will plan a trip to DC. :) Miss you already!

  4. Ah, love skiing. I haven’t been this year, but the manfriend and I want to. There’s a mountain just about an hour away. Just wish I had a 4wd vehicle.

  5. Mamacita

    Great post and pics. Yes we sometimes take our proximity to the mountains for granted but then we make a trip to the Land of Oz and I am once again so thankful we live so close to the Rocky Mountains.
    Love, Mamacita

  6. Oh this makes my heart burst.

    Are you and your sisters twinkies??! Identical to me.

    SO want to go skiing. Glad you had an amazing holiday – pics are beautiful!

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  8. These are really beautiful pictures of Colorado. I want to enjoy snowboarding on these hills.

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