NHBPM WEGO Prompt: My Health Library

I fully credit the movie Food Inc. with changing my entire food, and health, philosophy. There were small changes being made up to the minute before I watched it in full, but it was undoubtedly my tipping point. Coincidentally, that film led to an interest in picking up more books on subjects of interest (see: nutrition, food, health, mindset, etc.).

Today’s NHBPM prompt asked for a book report – what’s your favorite book and how does it tie into your health/life? Given the way I’ve added to our “library” over the past two years, that’s a loaded question! I can’t pick one, as these have all added a flavor to life that I didn’t know was missing.

If you dine from my bookshelf buffet, your eyes would have a hard time resisting these…



All the Money in the World   Books


Food rules    In Defense of Food


Animal vegetable Miracle   Skinny Dish Cooking with trader Joe's


Click on any of the above if you’re intrigued. They’re all worth your time, dollars and brain-chewing energy! Most of them are still stacked near my nightstand (except for the cookbook, which clearly belongs right near the food!), dog-eared pages n’ all ready to be picked up and indulged when I’m craving their words.

I’m actually glad I’m only about half-way through In Defense of Food; it’s like fully tasting, and savoring, those last few bites of a decadent dessert.


What’s in your health library?

Any one favorite book that I should be adding to this group?


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8 Responses to NHBPM WEGO Prompt: My Health Library

  1. I just read “How Much Does Your Soul Weigh?”. I really enjoyed it and it changed me perspective on how I counsel weight loss clients with emotional food issues or disordered eating patterns.

  2. I love a good health library! My fave sport book is Chrissie Wellington’s, A Life Without Limits: http://thechangeofpace.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/bookreviewchrissiewellington/.
    So inspiring!

  3. Happiness Project is on my list! Also, the TJ’s cookbook makes me want to go grocery shopping.

  4. Great list – I credit Fast Food Nation as having a similar impact on me that Food Inc had on you. I was already vegetarian but it made me think more broadly about the socioeconomic impacts on workers at meatpacking plants, and on relationships between industry leaders and the federal government.

    Other good ones along these times: Organic Inc and Tomatoland. I can’t recommend Tomatoland enought – look it up!

  5. I’m really enjoying Real Food by Nina Planck right now!

  6. Michael Pollan was for me the writer that not only changed my mind about the way I eat, but the way I shop, cook and eat. All of his books are on my shelf. As for books that aren’t already on your list, I’m a big fan of the Alice Waters cookbook—she’s THE authority on how to make fresh, local fruits and veggies sing!

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