Good Winner & Good Times

If you ever need a pick me up, or a reminder of what effect the weather has on these moods of ours, read here! Life is good, indeed.

apple cinnamonyogurt flavors

Thanks to you all, Chobani &, we have a winner:

Veronica (of My Eats & Treats ) – Enjoy!
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11 Responses to Good Winner & Good Times

  1. Mamacita

    l love your NYC pics; and I agree that it is a city to be explore on foot. Glad you 2 had an awesome weekend!
    Love, Mamacita

  2. NYC looks like it was a great time! I’ve never been there (gasp!) but it’s definitely on my list of places I must visit at some point. I’d like to go do the NYC marathon, though with the new time requirements that might not be happening anytime soon!

    Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

  3. see, this is why I asked you about Denver, you know all the fun places to go :)

  4. I’m headed there next week for work and this post got me so excited!!! I am staying in a hotel right across the freaking street from Central Park (hello morning runs!) and hope to hit the Highline too!

  5. Ah, nice jaunt to the city. Crazy how you can walk forever in that city, kind of like your home:)

  6. Annapolis, MD is the city I have visited the most (Oklahoma born and raised….attending college in Wilmington, NC) because my brother graduated last May from the Naval Academy. I first went there for their XC camp summer into my Senior year of high school and since then, I’ve been 5-6 times. I love how quaint the downtown is and the campus is gorgeous. It’s impossible for me to not run on their campus. Beautiful H2O views, beautiful architecture, and not to mention all of the handsome fellas in uniform! And Maryland crab is to die for….I refuse to order crab in OK or NC! It’s just not the same. Please tell me you have been to Annapolis and eaten at Cantler’s!

    • Heather C

      My best friend’s husband graduated from USNA and yes, I’ve been to Annapolis many times! :) It’s hard to resist; we never have a bad time there.

  7. we’re on the same wavelength – I announced my Chobani giveaway winner yesterday, too, and of course I love the NYC pics & recap! isn’t Central Park huge & wonderful? it changes so much throughout the seasons, and it’s one of my very favorite places. the great lawn will be covered with people every Saturday & Sunday in the late spring & summer. fun for a picnic & to people watch. I hope you & D will come back in for some random fun weekends (maybe some races??) to hang out with Billy & me. :) xoxo

  8. You lucked out with some AMAZING weather for the trip! Glad you got to enjoy it.

    It has been years since I visited… must go back soon!

  9. I <3 NY. :) Looks like a great visit!

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