11 Things, Twice

On Friday, Marlene tagged me in the “11 random things” meme. (Rebel that I am, the rules aren’t being followed verbatim.)

{Write} 11 random things {about yourself}

I always turn on some background noise if I’m home alone – music, morning news, NPR, etc. Usually I prefer the first, but the latter makes me feel smarter.

I’m the middle child – older brother, younger sister (good balance, yes?).
I’ve always stood behind the belief that birth order says a lot about your personality.

I didn’t know one single thing about football until I went to college. My east-coast friends taught me something new during almost every game – it took me almost two years to really “get” it all. When games garner this kind of spirit, it’s hard not to want to love it:

Penn State FootballBeaver Stadium 2007

The first tape that I remember listening to over and over (and over)? Amy Grant. Baby, I’m the lucky one…

The first boy-band I couldn’t get enough of was N Sync. Justin Timberlake still holds a top spot.

I was certified to use a chain-saw for a summer-job. We used them almost every day, and my arms haven’t been that toned since.

I almost chose to be an Architect major in college. I completely nerded out at the building museum this weekend – love it all.

I’ve been asked how I “know English so well”, or “speak without an accent” when I say I’m from New Mexico. NEW being the obvious key-word there. NEW, as in, United States.

I lived in Florida for one semester during college, as a College Program Intern at Walt Disney World.

I cried when the Live News coverage showed Joe Paterno getting fired in November. My heart broke for him (opinions of the situation aside – haters, not today), his family, and the 61 years he had dedicated to everything Penn State.

I was teary yesterday morning when I read this news…

Joe Pa announcement

…and looked through these photos. He’s a legend. His last chapter has been written, and his legacy will always surround us.



Play along if you want to – consider yourself tagged, or answer a few of your choice questions in the comments!


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11 Responses to 11 Things, Twice

  1. HAHA the big bang theory is a RIOT of a show, isn’t it? The first time I saw it I thought it was a little kooky but now I’m totally hooked. Such great writing on that show!

    • Heather C

      It took me an episode or two to warm up to the characters, but after that? Totally in love. They’re all so quirky, and their interactions are priceless. :)

  2. I still don’t get football and I’ve been “watching” it for years. It’s just not my thing what can I say. Love the new decor!

  3. Yay! Thanks for playing along. Fun to learn some more tidbits about you.

    I was always a BSB girl… JT is an awesome actor, though. :p

    I agree re: being too hot. You can generally warm up when you’re too cold – not much can be done when you’re too hot. Ick.

  4. Lauren

    Totally going to correct you in this one…isn’t your middle name after princess diana?? Except Heather Diana didn’t sound right so mom made it Heather Diane?? Orrr am I making this up? (sometimes youngest children make things up..ehhh)

    Love this post too! I want to answer questions 😀 Yay Big Bang Theory! You got me into that show and now we watch it every chance we get! I am totally the opposite on the hot and cold thing. I HATE being cold. Must be the fact that I am still in NM. My English is pretty great too! However, my boyfriend struggles sometimes. 😉 😉 Jokes.

  5. Don’t lie, I know you’re afraid of me and my family of attack dogs. RAWR.

  6. You know you’re a dietitian when the last thing you take a picture of is a ‘lasagna package and arugula’ LOL!

  7. I’m so impressed with your 11 random facts: architecture, chain-sawing, and Amy Grant = awesome.

  8. Jason

    Ehhh I remember that Amy Grant tape, AND the concert….can’t believe that was my first concert >:[
    I dunno though, the Ace of Base tape was right around that time too. For some reason I remember that being one of the first tapes we ever bought.

    Also gotta agree on Big Bang, great stuff.

  9. You better book tickets to see ME!!!

    OMG – so emotional about Joe Pa and note even my school. Great post.

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